CXC CSEC math exam - paper 1 exam topics (May/June 2010 and forward)

CXC CSEC math exam - paper 1 exam topics (May/June 2010 and forward)

Based on the CXC CSEC math syllabus (2010)

CXC CSEC math exam paper 1 topics

The CXC CSEC math paper 1 contains sixty (60) compulsory multiple choice questions based on the core objectives of the syllabus.

You MUST answer all the questions on this Paper. Each question is worth one (1) mark.

You should attempt to answer all 60 multiple choice questions on this paper.

(If you don't know an answer then guess!)

The table below gives you the list of the topics for the questions in Paper 1.

The table also tells you how many questions on the topic you will find on Paper 1.

CXC CSEC math exam paper 1 topics
Number of questions on each topic
4 questions
6 questions
6 questions
4 questions
8 questions
8 questions
6 questions
9 questions
9 questions
60 questions

guest (not verified) 21 November 2011 - 2:30pm

i need real help in dis subject call maths can somebody hear me out and help me out plz. i need a reply fast its agent

guest (not verified) 21 November 2011 - 5:46pm

In reply to by guest (not verified)

"its agent.." Are you sure you don't mean URGENT?
Gawd I hope you are not doing English too......

guest (not verified) 4 December 2011 - 3:42pm

Can you use calculators in the math multiple choice paper?

admin 4 December 2011 - 4:03pm

In reply to by guest (not verified)

No you are not allowed to use calculators in the CXC CSEC math paper 1.
The notes to the CXC CSEC exams states,

"Attention is drawn to the rule that silent non-programmable scientific calculators may be used in the following examinations:
(ii) Mathematics - Paper 2 only

So you can only use calculators for paper 2 of the CXC CSEC math exam.

Reggieboo (not verified) 6 May 2012 - 10:30pm

Hello everyone as we are about to do our cxc i know some have study endlessly some haven't but i just want tell u don't give up go in exam focus . use your imagination go and do your best i wish u all the best and god bless u throughout it STAY FOCUS DON'T BE NERVOUS DO YOUR BEST JUST DO YOUR BEST U CAN DO IT JUST BELIEVE IN YOURSELF AND TELL YOURSELF THAT I CAN DO IT AND I WILL DON'T THINK ABOUT NEGATIVE PEOPLE THAT ALL THEY ANT TO C IS YOU NOT EXCELLING BUT PROVE THEM WRONG YOU ARE YOU FUTURE CONTINUE TO EXCEL GUYS STAY STRONG

kateisha (not verified) 1 January 2013 - 1:57pm

In reply to by Reggieboo (not verified)

wise words every just be focus study hard remember to pray before u start any paper

cynthia (not verified) 15 June 2012 - 10:36am

I finish school 2 years bk n I got a 4 in maths n english I wanna do dem over again bt I dnt knw hw 2 go bk into study again!!!! I need sum private help!

claire (not verified) 6 November 2012 - 3:12pm

In reply to by cynthia (not verified)

okay i would like if u start to attend Mr mulli classes on Friday at 3.30 pm - 5.30 for help.

guest (not verified) 27 February 2015 - 1:04pm

In reply to by cynthia (not verified)

Learn to write and spell.

I finished school two years ago and I received a grade four in Math and English. I want to re-sit the subjects but do not know how to return to school. I need help please.

Why did you waste the five years when the government sent you to school for free? Now you will have to pay someone to teach you what you should have learnt.

Contact your old school, ask the principal if you can come and talk to the pupils to explain why they should be studying now while it is free.

Tira (not verified) 20 November 2012 - 12:33pm


In 2008 I did 5 cxc subjects, I only passed 4 of them. Recently I have moved to the England.All the universtities here telling me the same thing that I need 5 subjects or more passes in order to have a completed cxc csec diploma. Here in the UK they is no where to register or sit the exams I would like to do one or more subject to complete the diploma what should I do?
Please help me I am confuse.


Kayan (not verified) 3 May 2013 - 12:14pm

I'll be doing Mathematics next year along with 9 other subjects. I'm studying very hard because I don't expect less than a 1.

guest (not verified) 18 May 2013 - 7:17pm

is it possible to fail paper 2 for physics but pass labs and paper 1 and still get a grade 1?????

RENESSA (not verified) 20 May 2013 - 3:57am



guest (not verified) 20 May 2013 - 12:05pm

In reply to by RENESSA (not verified)

i think it is possible to get a grade 1.

radge (not verified) 14 November 2013 - 2:52am

In reply to by RENESSA (not verified)

no you cant

stephoney (not verified) 15 April 2014 - 11:51pm

Did maths last year got a 4 working for 1 this year. I wish for my self n every one doing cxc all the best.

TAWANNA SCARLETT (not verified) 5 May 2018 - 11:55pm

i need help with maths

scottyy (not verified) 11 May 2019 - 6:53pm

Hello, will these topics be coming for maths csec 2019?

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