CXC CSEC exam guide: Information Technology (Revised May/June 2010)

CXC CSEC Information Technology (IT) exam

Based on the CXC CSEC Information Technology (IT) syllabus
(revised May/June 2010)

CXC offers the CSEC Information Technology exam ONLY only at the general proficiency level.

The syllabus units are:

Unit 1.

Fundamentals of Harware and software

Unit 2.

Problem solving and Program Design

Unit 3.

Program Implementation

Unit 4.

Applications and Implications of ICT

Unit 5.

Information Processing

Unit 6.

Word processing, Presentation and Web Page Design

Unit 7.


Unit 8.

Database Management

Format of the CXC CSEC Information Technology exam

(May/June 2010)

The CXC CSEC Information Technology exam is tested ONLY at the general proficiency level.

It consists of three (3) papers: paper 1- a multiple choice paper; paper 2 - a short answer paper and paper 3 - a School Based Assessment (SBA) project.



Syllabus units tested

Paper one
1hr 30 mins
Sixty (60) multiple choice questions drawn from all areas of the syllabus.
Paper 2
2 hours 15 mins

Twelve compulsory structured questions drawn from all areas of the syllabus, divided into three sections.

Section 1 is worth 60 marks and consists of six (6) short answer questions.

Section 2 is worth 15 marks and consists of two (2) structured questions.

Section 3 is worth 45 marks and consists of four (4) structured questions.

Paper 3
(School Based Assessment)

Project carried out under the supervison of a teacher/Tutor.

School Based Assessment

The SBA component will comprise a practical project testing:

Section 2, Problem-Solving and Program Design;

Section 3, Program Implementation;

Section 6, Word processing;

Section 7, Spreadsheets and

Section 8, Database management.

The Project will carry 90 marks which will account for 30% of the final grade.

This 90 marks will be distributed as follows:

20 mks for Word processing;

20 mks for Spreadsheets;

20 mks for Database Management

30 mks for Problem-Solving and Programming.

The project will be marked by the teacher in accordance with CXC guidelines and the marks should be
submitted to CXC.

The assignment should be administered as specified in the
instructions contained in the Guidelines to the Conduct of the SBA, on pages 23 – 45 of the syllabus.

Mark scheme for CXC CSEC Information Technology exam

(May/June 2010)

Total marks for paper
weight of the paper toward final grade
20% of your final grade
50% of your final grade
30% of your final grade
100% of your final grade

kim rose (not verified) 6 February 2020 - 11:46pm

I can't Waite to write my IT examination this year.SO EASY

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