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Want to advertise with CaribExams?

Are you seeking ways to enter or expand in the Caribbean market?


Is your brand demographic technology savvy, 15 - 28 year old, English-speaking Caribbean nationals?


Do you desire the ability to reach this demographic across Caribbean islands efficiently?


Would you like your brand associated with an online community with 5 years proven success in attracting and maintaining relationships with this demographic?


We can help you with that!


Key benefits of advertising with are that you can efficiently target your advertising to this diffuse Caribbean demographic through our community. You will also have the advantage of associating your brand with a community that has developed a large and loyal following in the Caribbean.


CaribExams guests and members frequently solicit and receive recommendations to aid their purchase decisions and there are many ways that we can include you in this process. Through the power of social media and peer to peer influence we can help introduce, establish and/or expand your brand recognition and acceptance with this large demographic.


We normally average over 100,000 visits per month, and this increases dramatically during the two exams seasons in the region.


Whether you want one small advertisement or wish to launch a Caribbean promotional campaign, we can work with your goals and your budget to optimize your returns.


To start the process you can email us.