Free online course in Information Technology

Free online IT course from the UK (for use by CXC Information Technology students)


There is a free, online, self-teaching,Information Technology course at Alison. The syllabus ofthisfree IT course covers much of the same content as the CXC Information Technology (general and Technical proficiency) syllabus.

You are tested at the end of each lesson and your scores are kept and an overall performamce is calculated. Smile... You can even receive certification from them

For example the modules are:

Module 1: IT Today

Module 2: The computer

Module 3:The online world

Module 4: MS Word

Module 5: MS Excel

Module 6: Access

Module 7: PowerPoint

Module 8; e-mail, touch-typing

And if that doesn't convince you to take the course with them, you can always download theirfree 159 page .pdf workbook for the course. Hey, youmay be able to use it to study for your own CXCIT exams.


toney (not verified) 4 January 2009 - 9:20am

Hi Admin: These are very cool interactive courses. I like it when you talk I-T. Now my little cousin can be familiar using a computer through these very magnificent courses.

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