CXC Math Topic: NUMBER THEORY (2010)

CXC Math Topic: NUMBER THEORY (201


On completion of this Section, students should:

1. understand and appreciate the decimal numeration system;

2. appreciate the development of different numeration systems;

3. demonstrate the ability to use rational approximations of real numbers;

4. demonstrate the ability to use number properties to solve problems;

5. develop the ability to use patterns, trends, and investigative skills.

SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES:The student should be able to:

1 distinguish among sets of numbers;

Set of numbers:

Natural numbers {1,2,3,...}, whole numbers {0,1,2,3, ...}, integers {...-2,-1,0, 1, 2, ...}, rational numbers (p/ q: p and q are integers, q≠0), irrational numbers (numbers that cannot be expressed as terminating or recurring decimals).

For example, numbers such as π and √2), the real numbers (the union of rational and irrational numbers); sequences of numbers that have a recognizable pattern; factors and multiples; square numbers; even numbers; odd numbers; prime numbers; composite numbers.

2. order a set of real numbers;


generate a term of a sequence given a rule;

Sequence of numbers that have a recognizable pattern.

4. derive an appropriate rule given the terms of a sequence;

Sequence of numbers that have a recognizable pattern.


identify a given set of numbers as a subset of another set;

Inclusion relations, for example, N⊂W⊂ Z ⊂ Q ⊂ R.


list the set of factors or a set of multiples of a given positive integer;


compute the HCF or LCM of two or more positive integers;


state the value of a digit in a numeral in base n, where n ≤ 10;

Place value and face value of numbers 2,3,4,5, 6,7,8,9, and 10 in base.

9. use properties of numbers and operations in computational tasks;

additive and multiplicative identities and inverses, concept of closure, properties of operations such as commutativity, distributivity and associativity, order of operations in problems with mixed operations.


solve problems involving concepts in number theory.

Here are our number theory tutorials to help you prepare for this section of the CXC math exam.

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