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Submitted by guest (not verified) on 6 February 2009 - 11:59am

oh come on - isn't this suppose to be a friendly student site. friendly talk and all... then why take offense with formatting of friendly letters! Formal letters - yes there is need for particular attention - lighten up. Its so exciting to share a thought that you kinda forget to go on upper or lower case.

Definitely zero tolerance regarding disrespect and abuse but writing format!!!



Kathy-ann Daniel 6 February 2009 - 2:03pm

An excellent response ylseh! Yes, why make a fuss about writing in all caps? Well, first of all, as said before, writing in all caps is the online equivalent of shouting at someone. Now, how do you feel when someone shouts at you in real life? Not positive I bet. So, because of stuff that has happened in here and in order to maintain a place of mutual respect, we ask that people do not write in all caps/shout at each other or in "the room".

But there is an even more important lesson about writing in all caps. There are things called, "writing conventions". These are guidelines or rules if you will, that are set down for particular types of writing. For example, letters have a particular format, poems and short stories have them too. Persuasive essays, the best ones, all follow a standard format.

If we request that our members and guests not write in all caps, we are doing no different than setting out a "writing convention" for communicating in the community. And I believe that following this "writing convention" should be no different to following "writing conventions" for your CXC English exams. In fact, it should be practice for CXC :-)! (See, that symbol I just wrote is an online convention for smiley face)

Yes! This is a student-friendly community that tries to help CXC students prepare for their exams, it is an educational community and a learning community. In order to ensure that it remains a positive and co-operative community, this guideline was set. I hope it is a little clearer now.

And I appreciate your asking, it is said that for everyone who asks a question, there are 10 other people who wanted to ask but didn't. "Props" for doing the asking.

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