Transitions: keeping your persuasive essay moving


Transitions are a very important linking devices when you are writing persuasive essays.

Transitions tell the reader that there are relationships between the points that you are making in your essay.

(you are not just writing a string of unrelated facts to take up space on the paper).

Transitions also tell the reader what kinds of relationships exist between the points that you are making.

Transitions are the glue that holds persuasive essays together.

Think of using mortar (cement) and bricks to build a wall,

transitions are like the mortar and your points are like the bricks.


In the same way that mortar holds bricks together to build a wall, transitions hold your points together to build an essay.

Since ideas and points are expressed through sentences and paragraphs,

transitions can be found in transitional words and phrases which link sentences

and paragraphs together.

They link sentences and paragraphs together and show the relationships

between the points expressed in the paragraphs and sentences.

When we use transitions our essay has continuity; it "flows". As

they are essential to the continuity of an essay, the good use of

transitional words and phrases show a firm grasp of a topic.

There are several types of transitions that are suitable for persuasive essays.


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