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Submitted by Kathy-ann Daniel on 27 January 2009 - 2:41pm

Posting guidelines for


So it seems we have to set some posting guidelines that are constant for our members and guests to follow. These are really some basic rules of courtesy that makes life pleasant for everyone here. I will try to keep it simple.

Do not write in all caps

1) Please do not write your heading or your posts in all capital letters. Posting in all caps is the face-to-face equivalent of shouting in the room, or shouting at someone. So if you want your post to be read, please be nice and use lower case letters. Postings in all caps will be deleted.

No personal attacks

2) Please, no personal attacks on each other. If you do not like something that another member says, you can send a nice PM explaining your views or you can avoid communication with that member; it's up to you. Just please do not be abusive in the forums or the comments. Failure to comply may result in sanctions being instituted against the offender/s.

Do not post requests for CXC past papers in this community

3) Please do not post requests for CXC past papers in this community. You are free to use whatever past paper type questions that are available here.However we do notallow members or guests topost requestsfor past papers. There are many, many other websites where you can do this.

Advertising guidelines

Please note:Members are NOT ALLOWED to post advertisements for commercial services in the caribexams community. If, as a member of the community, you wish to contribute non-fee based information and/or assistance to other community members, we welcome your support for our community members and our mission.

If, on the other hand, you wish to use to use our community as a platform to promote your commercial services, please contact us for advertising rates.

In addition:

Asking for SBA projects

We DO NOT support the practice of asking for someone else's CXC SBA project and submitting it to CXC as your own work. Consequently, anyone posting here for others to send them their SBA project will have their post deleted.


locksley (not verified) 23 February 2009 - 7:52pm

Is there a sample answer for the summary based on Ross and Susan's conversation whereby students had to write a letter to the villages?

Kathy-ann Daniel 23 February 2009 - 11:39pm

In reply to by locksley (not verified)

Sorry, no there are no sample answers as yet. We are hoping in the future however, for our members to collaborate on developing sample answers for the questions. This will take some time to organize though, so it may not happen in time for this exam cycle.

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