CXC CSEC English A short story award 2004

The CXC CSEC English A exam Short Story Award 2004

Here is a link to a short story writing tutorial for paper 2 of the CXC CSEC English A exam.


vettiep (not verified) 27 January 2009 - 11:46pm

Are these kids my age...these are overpowering stories.I am so impress

JoReRi (not verified) 18 November 2010 - 10:03pm

This story is emotional,captivating and Im literally on the computer stumbling for words to describe how great it was. 5 stars*****!!!

EnglishSpark (not verified) 23 January 2011 - 7:36pm

This story was exceptionally written. I was so fascinated with the whole development of the story and how interesting it was.Great story

onlyme (not verified) 16 May 2011 - 8:20pm

This was well written.....if only i could put such words together on paper. *2 THUMBS UP*

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