Should cell phones be allowed in schools?

Submitted by guest (not verified) on 3 March 2009 - 12:19pm

Technology has become so mobilize throughout the world, now in the twenty ate century cell phones are one of the many gadgets being used around the world as a means of communication. Much controversy has been raised over the decision if whether or not to allow students to take cell phones to school, my views are clear, students should not take cell phone to school.
There are far too many distractions that already exist within schools for us now to add to it rather than subtract. Cell phones are major distractions,statistics shows that 85% of students who take their cellular phones to school which not only distract, but disrupt the classes, not only in schools are cellular phones distractions, but also accounts for many of our fatal road accidents over 50% of accidents were dew to the cell phones distraction just within 2008. Must we allow such a small monster to destroy our Educational System? What can we do to stop it?
In addition cell phones can be used as recorders, and also are used by students to cheat in their exams.It was recently reported in the Jamaica Star by Minister of Education Mr.Andrew Holness that there has been numerous of instances where students were removed from examinations dew to cheating with their cell phones. Why!Why!Why! are we allowing this to happen? there must be an end such madness.
We have seen over the years when cell phones are being taking away from students, parents use physical action to show there disapproval, by attacking our teachers.Is this right?, we asked.We are not saying that cell phones are bad, but often times are misused by its users, there is also a time and place for every thing.
Cell phones should not be allowed in schools and we as Parents,Teachers,Principals and the Government should all play our part bu helping to make sure it's achieved.


admin 3 March 2009 - 2:17pm

Smile... seems we have an interesting debate going on here.

This persuasive essay does not imply the writer's position on cell phones in school, it states it very clearly, up front, in the first paragraph. This writer lets you know that he is against cell phones in school from early.

He lays out each of his supporting facts in a separate paragraph. Each supporting fact is also supported with details, for example:

Paragraph 2: Cell phones are distractions and he explains why.

Paragraph 3: Cell phones aid in cheating and he gives examples.

Paragraph 4: Attempts to regulate cell phone use in schools result in physical violence against teachers.

Last sentence a summary of the writer's original position.

I am not going to give any stars. I will let our members read this persuasive essay and decide how many stars it should get.

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