What do I do when I am supposed to be "studying"?

What do I do when I am supposed to be "studying"?

Studying means different things to different people.Studying can mean learning/revising notes or memorizing formulas, facts, or solution steps.

Since this is an exam preparation study group, we will focus on "exam practice". What you need to practice to be a good exam taker.

In order to practice being good at taking exams. You first need to know what skills and knowledge is necessary to be a good exams taker.

Here are some:

1) Time Management:You must be able to complete tasksto time.

(you must do this well in the exam room to pass)

2) Attention to detail: You must be able to follow spoken and written directionswell

(you can't imagine how many peoplefail because of this)

3) Organization: You must be able to organize thoughts andtasks quickly and well. You must also beable to organizeinformationquickly and well.

(This is what you will be asked to do in the exam room)

4) Neatness: Your exam writing should be neat and legible.

(Examiners get irritated when they have to spend five minutes figuring out what you wrote before they can decide if it is right. An irritated Examiner is not in a mood to dish out "mercy marks")

And imagine, you have to do all of these things aboveat the same time in 11/2 to 2 hours in an exam room.

So how are you going to get those four balls up in the air in an exam room and keep them up there for 11/2 to 2 hours?

We will be talking about that here.


Ash-ley (not verified) 17 April 2009 - 7:38pm

Where is the "here" you speak of???
There is no "here".
Not able to complete the lesson.

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