CXC general proficiency math exam: Mathematics May/June 2008- Question 9

Section 2

9. (a) Simplify

(i)X² x X³ ÷ X4 (1 mark)

(ii)a3/2b5/2 x (square root of) ab³. (2 marks)

(b) If ƒ(x) = 2x - 3, find the value of

(i) ƒ(2) (1 mark)

(ii) ƒ-1(0) (2 marks)

(iii) ƒ-1 ƒ(2) (2 marks)

(c) The temperature, K. of a liquid t minutes after heating is given in the table below.

t (time in minutes)- 0 - 10 - 20 - 30 - 40 - 50 - 60

K (Temp. in ËšC)- 84 - 61 - 40 - 29 - 27 - 26 - 25

(i) Using a scale of 2cm to represent 10 seconds on the horizontal axis and scale of 2cm to represent 10 degrees on a vertical axis, construct a temperature-time graph to show how the liquid cools in the 60 minute interval.

Draw a smooth curve through all the plotted points. (4 marks)

(ii) Use your graph to estimate

a) the temperature of the liquid after 15 minutes

b) the rate of cooling of the liquid at t = 30 minutes. (3 marks)

Total 15 marks

Hey everyone, I really tried my best to type this out so I hope that you all would be able to understand it. Toney did the rest- questions 12 & 14. But we need help with typing out the others.


toney (not verified) 2 January 2009 - 11:26am

That's right! We need all the help we can get. Admin is working very hard to help us upload images to the website. If it is successful, we can be able to put up alot of Maths CXC papers and others. Until then, let work on typing out a paper? If you got any CXC papers, please help, atleast one question. We need you guys! Please try to understand.

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