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Submitted by guest (not verified) on 27 December 2008 - 6:58am

Hey Friends: I am posting some CXC past questions. However, It's hard for me alone to post these questions because of the time used for typing. I would appreciate if anyone who has the paper I am posting which is incomplete, can assist in adding some questions too. Remember friends, if a group of us can work together in tpying out questions, we will get all cxc past questions on this website to share. Remember, all of us will bebefit.
Does anyone have this year's May/June English paper? If you do, can you please post atleast a poem.


Hi Archie, Thank you very much for helping. I have post the link in my book page which leads to your poem. This helps to combine all the questions in the paper. You can check it out.
I am planning on submitting May June 2006 English paper. Do you have it.

admin 28 December 2008 - 12:22pm

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Hi Toney and Archie,
I saw the work that you two guys were doing and was inspired to throw in my two cents and help you out. This is a fantastic effort on your behalf. I am sure that anyone who is sitting the CXC English exams in a few days is very happy that you decided to post. Archie, I am going to move your posts and mine so that they are right next to Toney's. That way all the questions for May/June 2008 English A exam are in the same place.
Congratulations guys! Anybody else want to help them out?

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