CXC general proficiency EDPM exam: EDPM MAY/JUNE 2005

1. (a) A computer system is made up of both hardware and software.
(i) Define the term "hardware". (2 marks)
(ii) Name THREE pieces of hardware that form part of the computer system. (3 marks)
(b) Suggest an input device that could be used to send photographs by emails. (1 mark)
(Total 6 marks)

2. There is a distinction between communication devices that may be used in a personal
computer and communication media. (a) Identify ONE type of communication device used
ina personal computer. (1 mark)
(b) Name two types of electronic communication media. (2 marks)
(Total 3 marks)

3. (a) You have typed a document in Microsoft Word. Explain how the document may be saved
using the toolbar. (2 marks)
(b) A number of 'objects' are displayed on the destop of a personal computer, for example,
'Internet Explorer' and 'Recycling Bin'. Give the correct name for the objects on the
destop.(1 mark)
(Total 3 marks)

4. You are required to compile the financial statements for your office.
(a) Name the application software that you will use to gather the information. (1 mark)
(b) You are to present the financial statements in slide form for use with a multimedia
(i) Identify ONE type of software that you may use to display the financial statements.
(1 mark)
(ii) Name TWO types of graphics that you will use in your presentation for EACH
document. (2 marks)
(Total 4 marks)

5. Table 1 below refers to the selection of appropriate stationery and paper sizes for two
(a) Copy the table into your answer booklet and complete it by stating the appropriate
stationery and paper size that should be used for EACH for the two documents.
Paper Size
(i) A short internal communication (ii) A three- page letter to a supplier (2 marks)

(b) Name the appropriate size and type of envelope for (a)(ii) above, if the letter is
being sent from your territory to a supplier in New York, USA. (1 mark)
(Total 3 marks)

6. (a) Explain the term ‘intellectual property’. (2 marks)
(b) Identity ONE of the rights that is protected by intellectual property laws. (1 mark)
(c) A required text for your class is unavailable in the bookstores but your friend has the
book. You both agree that it would be a good idea to duplicate the relevant chapters
and distribute them to the rest of the class. Briefly discuss the law that is being
breached. (4 marks)
(Total 7 marks)

7.Marcia has been asked to use a computer to prepare the following letterhead. She has
been instructed to centre the letterhead. The content should be bold and it italics.
Century City Motor 50 Pike Street Georgetown Guyana Phone 592-333-4075 Fax 592-333-
3480 Email
(a) Briefly outline the steps to be taken to prepare the letterhead, after the appropriate
programme has been opened on the computer. (4 marks)
(b) On a clean page, copy the letterhead to show how it would appear on the paper.

8. Edit and rewrite the following passage, correcting all errors. Circle all corrections made.
“The internet is like a huge vandalized libary. Someone has destroy the catalog and
remove the front matter indexes etc from hundreds of thousands of books and torn and
scattered what remains surfing is the process of shifting through this disorganised mess
in the hope of coming across some useful fragments of text and images that can be
related to other fragments Adapted from: Cherry Sparks, “Teaching with the internet”.
Published by Teacher Created Materials- (8 marks)

9. Read the following passage carefully. Insert the punctuation marks which have been
omitted, then copy the corrected passage in your answer booklet. watch out you are
going to fall off that bicycle then aunt mary will have a fit and ground you for life said
mrs brown to her over zealous grandson Timothy (7 marks)

10. State the short cut keys which have the same definitions as the following terms: (a) To
cut (1 mark)(b) To copy (1 mark)
(Total 2 marks)


Overall marks- 60 which accounts for 20% of the total.


admin 23 December 2008 - 12:57pm

Hey Toney, this is really great! For those students sitting the EDPM exams this year, these questions give them a great idea of how the questions are structured on the exam.
For all those students who will benefit from your generosity, I say thank you. The time and effort you took to write out these questions shows that you truly care about your buddies in this group. You are one of the members of caribexams who truly lives up to the goals and aspirations of the group: "Each one, help one".

Hi I added some English A questions from the CXC English exam May/June 2008. This is for the group and anybody who needs them.

Kathy-ann Daniel 23 December 2008 - 8:23pm

Hi Toney, I also add my thanks for what you have done. You really are a friend indeed for posting these questions; a friend to every caribexams study buddy and every CXC student who will benefit from your work. I feel very glad that I know someone like you.

Teacherpet (not verified) 15 April 2009 - 11:36pm

i'v been trying to get one and couldn't so thank for adding

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