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Submitted by guest (not verified) on 1 May 2008 - 11:45am

In answering questions from a poem or comprehension passage we have to do so in complete sentences. Consider this below scenario below.
What meaning is conveyed by the word "acres" in line 1.
In answering this question, would CXC accepts this by giving you full marks.
"Acres meant ......."
Instead of
According to the passage, the word "acres" in line 1 conveyed ....
The reason of asking this is if CXC accepts the shorten form it will be more time effecient.
Thank you.
Have a nice day.
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Kathy-ann Daniel 3 May 2008 - 5:28pm

Hi Toney, I think you would have to use full sentences. While I understand what you are saying about saving time. CXC can only assess you based on what you write on the paper. If you do not write out your answers in complete sentences, then the examiners might get the impression that you do NOT know how to write in full sentences.

For you, shortening your responses it is a matter of time, for the CXC examiners, it is a matter of, "show me if you can do it!". So I suggest that you show them. Write out all your answers in long form. Take no short cuts, that way, the examiners will have less reasons to shave marks off your paper.

Hope this helps.

P.S. I am currently looking around to see if I can find some poetry analysis exercises for study buddies to practice on. Once I get some I will post them for you.

- Kathy

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i would like to become a member. how do i go about doing so?

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