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Hello Study buddies!!!
Does anyone knows if CXC results normally is out before 28 August, 2008. Please respond as early as possible.
Thank you.
Your online study


guest (not verified) 7 August 2008 - 1:07pm

the schools are going to get it on the 18th but they'll have to go count and copy them so we'll hopefully get them by the 20th.

i heard it arrived in Jamaica and is at the Ministry of Education, so how come they are taking so long to give the schools, if it arrived from last Monday then ministry should use last week and analyze it send it to the schools this week and the schools could sue this week and make their own analysis and we get it by august 18 it should be like that if CXC says they are to be issued on the 18th

someone related to CXC group told me that the countries have already at their ministries of education from last Monday but i think the ministry should have used last week to make their analysis then send it to the school this week to make them do their own analysis and we would have it by august 18 but unfortunately its not like that, word is the schools will be getting them the 15 but then we cannot get them by the 18 but the 19 because the 15 is a Friday and the school cannot use Friday only but will have to sue Monday so hopefully we will have them by Tuesday the 19th

Lets do a prayer chain and what that means is every time someone reads this reply say a little prayer for yourself and everyone else who sat exams. So many people have so much riding on getting good results, so let’s help each other by praying for each other. Sunday me know me going to church to ask for forgiveness for the sins that I committed over the summer, I’m not going to talk about them cause this is not the right site for it lol and also for him to take pity on me and help us pass

guest (not verified) 13 August 2008 - 10:47am

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Ah feel it kinda late to now try and bring God into the mix. Shoulda been working with him long before now. Now is the time we are going to reap the fruits of prayers and studying that have gone before.

Good luck everybody.

guest (not verified) 15 August 2008 - 11:49pm

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I have a question; I didn’t apply to any colleges, I know stupid me but I want to know is it possible to apply to somewhere like the University of Technology in Jamaica after CXCs come out next week and get in, if I do well? Or do I have a better chance of getting struck by lightning. I really don’t want to wait until next year September

Kathy-ann Daniel 16 August 2008 - 2:00am

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Hi, the UTech website says that application deadlines for September entry is the end of January every year. they also say that they accept late applications if there are spaces in the programme. So you may want to call them up and ask them if there is space in the programme that you like.

You can get more information here on the UTech website.

guest (not verified) 16 August 2008 - 4:38am

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For some reason I’m having trouble reading some of the recent comments by guests is this normal? Besides that i really do enjoy the site you guys are doing a great job. xoxoxo

fabian_ellis1991 (not verified) 16 August 2008 - 11:13am

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i dnt think now is the right time to go the church i haven't been to church all summer and the way i see it im not going to church this Sunday because i would only be going for the wrong reasons i plan to go after i get the results whether they are good or bad, u should not only seek god in your time of need but also give him praises for the good he has done for you i prayed before i go into the exams and i remember what i study and the papers are marked already so there is nothing i can do now also i have sinned and i asked for forgivness right now im just hoping for the best

Kathy-ann Daniel 16 August 2008 - 11:29am

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Hi, our guests to the study group will see recent comments after a delay. Our study group members on the other hand see all recent comments immediately when they login. I hope this information explains it.

guest (not verified) 17 August 2008 - 11:25am

I am from grenada an im really scared of my results because i am not sure of how i did. anyways i trust God that he will give me my heat desire. CXC IS COMING OU TOMORROW AUGUST 18 MAY GOD HELP US ALL!!!!!!!!!!!

toney (not verified) 17 August 2008 - 12:53pm

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Tomorrow is a big day for us all. We all must be optimistic no matter the circumstances may be. We all must stay focus and hope for the best, of course, with God's help. This also includes me... The point is what we did in the exam cannot return, why worry... I hope this helps you in your mind battle against doubts. Hope for the best.
Your buddy,

guest (not verified) 17 August 2008 - 5:13pm

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You should not have waited so late to apply. In fact, most students have a date for interview already. They do not know their results but they normally inform the school of the course they are interested in and the subjects they sat for CXC and that they are awaiting results. I believe rules can be broken for the best. So get started and try. you never know you may just get in. but u have to work fast like now. Get online. Use their website to get an application form and start now. God help you!!!!

When CXC said the results would be released by Aug. 18th it simple means that they will make sure all the countries have their results on that date. Thats cxc job and deadline. However, when they get to ministry of education in the various countries they are now to set their own deadline. Lets hope no later than wednesday.

Hey, that was a good head's up. Thanks for letting us know. So everybody, hope you read that. A friend has just told us that the results won't be given out tomorrow as we thought. The best time we have now is by Wednesday 20th August.

So, everybody needs to hold some more strain and wait till Wednesday or so, sorry about that. But if you come by the study group, we can help keep you company till the results come out (smile...that's about all we can do).

guest (not verified) 17 August 2008 - 10:15pm

Tonight will be a sleepness night for many high school graduates across the Caribbean.
The fear of most, including myself is the results of mathematics.
Every year there are more people failing math than passing.
I did 9 subjects, I am sure I got 8 subjects not too sure about mathematics.
If I dont get maths, the remain 8 subjects will useless. Since everything has the maths and english requirement.

Hello! did you follow the directions in red on the front page of the site? Did you check your e-mail inbox to get the login password to use to login? If you did all of that and the password you got in your e-amil inbox doesn't work to login, then please go to the link on the left navigation bar marked "problems logging in?" and follow the directions given there. Hope this helps...

guest (not verified) 18 August 2008 - 9:55am

CXC results out today
By SANDRA SINGH Monday, August 18 2008 (source Newsday TT)

The results will be made available during a press conference by Education Minister Esther Le Gendre, CXC Registrar Dr Didacus Jules and other education officials at the Hilton Hotel today.

A press release also revealed that 160 principals or designated officials representing schools with students who have written the exam will be in attendance.

Both the CXC and the Education Ministry have delivered on their promise of ensuring that the release of the results was not delayed and they were made available within the agreed time frame.

This year’s examinations have been marked by scandal as a result of leaks in the English A and Mathematics papers where students were found to be in possession of the exam papers prior to its sitting on May 20 and 21 respectively.

Two persons, Arianna Lakatoo, an on-the-job trainee at the Ministry of Education’s San Fernando office, and Mickel Torres, a student of St Michael’s College, a private secondary school, were arrested and charged for the exam leaks and were placed on $1 M bail each.

As a result, students were forced to re-sit the examinations one week after all other CXC exams were completed.

The Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) exams were also hit by scandal following leaks in the Communications Studies Paper II prompting CXC officials to postpone and re-schedule all CAPE examinations with a new timetable being issued.

Two students, Scott Joseph and Nyron Toney, of the St Augustine Community College, were charged with the offence and were sentenced to perform 100 hours of community service.

Twelve students have since been charged with offences of having prior knowledge of CXC and CAPE exam papers prior to their sitting.

jahliesha (not verified) 18 August 2008 - 11:40am

i'm not really afraid of the results but more curious of how i'm going tho react when i get them

fabian_ellis1991 (not verified) 18 August 2008 - 5:49pm

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will jamaica get their cxc results this week can someone please tell me i really need to know i cnt sleep nor eat im having nightmares i need to see those results to stop going crazy its like im going crazy

I have looked on the websites of all the major national newspapers in the Caribbean as well as the websites of the Ministries of Education. I am sorry to say there was absolutely no mention of CXC 2008 exam results. Nothing, nada, not a peep - which is of course kinda strange since everybody knows that thousands of students would be looking for information today on the results.

I honestly don't know why they are not saying anything. If Trinidad and Tobago got their results and could publish that fact in their newspapers, what about the other islands? I don't know, I really don't know. I don't believe that Trinidad and Tobago was the only island to get their 2008 CXC results. As someone said here, CXC was mandated to give out ALL results by 18th August 2008.

The only thing we can do is wait. But I must admit, I feel the Ministries of Education coulld be more sensitive to students' feelings - they could just announce that the 2008 CXC results are in the island/s and will be distributed shortly pending the development of local statistics. You know, just a little courtesy to the students who are waiting and know that the results are there. But then, I kinda "facety" for expecting that right ??

guest (not verified) 18 August 2008 - 8:50pm

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I cant wait to get those results because Im becoming really anxious,however,Im extremely nervous about my mathematics grade....I know I did well with the other seven subjects....let us all hope for the best and trust in God.....best wishes to u all.Love Candia in Portmore Jamaica.Mwaaaaah!!!!!!

guest (not verified) 18 August 2008 - 10:23pm

CAPE and CXC 2008 Results

At the meeting held this afternoon at the Trinidad Hilton, CXC officials presented the principals with an overview of the Trinidad and Tobago results over the last few years. Towards the end, The 2008 CAPE results were also released to the principals.

They were also advised that CSEC (CXC) results can be collected, by principals, from Tuesday (19th August) morning. As a result, students should be able to collect their results from midday tomorrow at the school.

Students are reminded that the results will have to be processed by their respective schools before they are released, and that this may take some time.
Also announced, was a doubling in the number of Open Scholarships awarded by the Trinidad and Tobago Government to students based on the CAPE results, from 24 to 48.

guest (not verified) 18 August 2008 - 11:29pm

In reply to by jahliesha (not verified)

Has anyone stop to think maybe this is the easiest part of becoming educated adults, meaning the studying, taking and waiting for cxc. I think so because everyone I ask about college tells me its 10 times more work, 15 times pressure and 20 times more expensive. It’s a scary thought isn’t it? We can all do it though with hard work, determination and trust in God we can achieve greatness.

I agree with you on that one as i am feeling really stressed over the results as i keep hearing that results are out only to get shot down by persons who work in thew ministry of education. I'm getting really frustrated by it, the students need to know when results are coming out. i must admit i can't wait i need to the results now.

Well I'm from Barbados and I am also very anxious and I agree with you Kathy to the fact that the Ministries could be a little more lenient towards the feelings of us, students, but we must still remember this may a cumbersome task for those in higher authority. I was told that the Ministry of Education here only received the results after 1 p.m, I thought that the results were already in the hands of the ministry but were ready to be distributed amongst the schools, I guess we just have to wait a little longer...Best of luck to everyone

Well, it seems some CXC results were given out in Barbados. At least it sounds so from this article. Haven't seen anything else about the exams from any other online newspaper or Ministry of Education. Anybody else have any other news from on the ground??

While we were fearing it, it came --
But came with less of fear
Because that fearing it so long
Had almost made it fair --

There is a Fitting -- a Dismay --
A Fitting -- a Despair
'Tis harder knowing it is Due
Than knowing it is Here.

They Trying on the Utmost
The Morning it is new
Is Terribler than wearing it
A whole existence through. -What this means is the wait is the hard part, now that is its here there should be no fear but thoughts of what's next.

guest (not verified) 19 August 2008 - 9:55am

lthough Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) exams were completed exactly one month ago, results have already been released to all school principals with the Education Ministry and Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) revealing that local students have performed better than their regional counterparts.

Education Minister Esther Le Gendre also stated that because of the solid performance of students this year, a proposal would be made to Cabinet to increase the number of open scholarships from 24 to 48.

This comes after CXC and the Education Ministry yesterday delivered on a promise to release local results one week after the rest of region got their results. All CAPE exams were postponed by almost one month in May following a leak in the Communication Studies Paper II with exams ending only on July 18. Four people have been charged with the leak, two of whom pleaded guilty and received 100 hours community service as their sentence. At least six others are yet to appear before the courts.

However, unlike past years where examiners took almost two months to prepare the results, students have been able to collect results a mere four weeks after the last exam.

CXC Registrar Dr Didacus Jules yesterday stated that 8, 243 TT candidates sat the CAPE examination this year, with 17 percent receiving a grade one, 22 percent a grade two, 24 percent a grade three, 19 percent a grade four and 12 percent a grade five.

“Grades one to five are considered at CAPE to be acceptable grades,” Jules said at a media conference at the Hilton Trinidad, St Ann’s yesterday.

He said based on the results, “Trinidad and Tobago continues to lead the region in terms of its performance at CAPE.”

“Ninety-four percent obtained acceptable grades as compared to 93 percent last year. The good news is that there was a one percent improvement and considering the numbers involved, you would appreciate that it took some effort to get there. This is compared to the rest of region where 89 percent achieved grades one to five this year,” said Jules.

He further added that there were significant improvements in particular subject areas such as information technology where there was a 16.3 percent increase over 2007 with 100 percent of the candidates attaining acceptable grades. Significant increases were also recorded in the subjects of Computer Science I and II, Management of Business and Accounting I.

“However, law continues to be a challenge. We see a decrease in performance from last year of 15.6 percent with 66.2 percent achieving acceptable grades. Geometrical and mechanical engineering drawing have decreased 7.5 percent with 71 percent of 76 students attaining acceptable grades while in history a decline of 5.8 was registered with 86.9 percent of 435 entries attaining acceptable grades,” said Jules.

Le Gendre also lauded the students for their performance saying that “TT is a significant partner of CXC as 32 percent of all acceptable grades come from this country.”

“I have noted a steady growth in grade one offered across the various subjects with a ten percent increase and a six percent increase in grade twos awarded this year. All of this adds up to TT’s maintenance of a leading position in the examination throughout the region,” boasted Le Gendre. She further revealed that the ministry in conjunction with the Public Administration Ministry has proposed to Cabinet an increase in the number of open scholarships offered by the Government based on this year’s results.

“This will be in effect from 2008 in the areas of languages with an additional six scholarships, mathematics–six, visual and performing arts–four, science–four and technical studies–four,” stated Le Gendre.

Commenting on the security measures put in place to prevent against future compromises, Dr Jules stated that while CXC has implemented new measures, parents also played a part in ensuring that exams were carried out fairly. The CXC O-Level results will also be made available today to students.

source trinidad's newsday

Hi, are you from Barbados? Could you help us with this? Have CXC CSEC results been given out in Barbados as yet? We have been looking for information on this and haven't seen anything. Have CAPE results been given out to all Barbados students already? It seems that you are saying they have. We would love to have someone on the ground clarify what's happening for us.

guest (not verified) 19 August 2008 - 2:09pm

In reply to by admin

Yes I am from Barbados, well I am not sure if CAPE results have been distributed to the students but the scholarships awarded were based on the performance of the students in CAPE, sorry I should have made it more clear. I have not heard anything of the CXC CSEC results being given out when last I heard, they only arrived at the Ministry Of Education after 1 p.m yesterday, I really don't know what's going on, we are all going by hear-say I guess but I hope this information is helpful

admin 19 August 2008 - 6:40pm

In reply to by guest (not verified)

Yes, the information is very helpful, thanks a lot. So we know now that students in Barbados haven't received their CXC CSEC grades as yet, maybe tomorrw, Wednesday they might. So far no word on Jamaica or any of the other islands.

Guests and members, if they are distributing CXC CSEC grades on your island, we would all really appreciate it if you could let us know. Help us to pass the news along...

guest (not verified) 19 August 2008 - 10:26pm

In reply to by admin

i have been on this site for the past three days , thanks for passing along the info. I am from Grenada and there has been no word of CXC results down here but cape is out .Hoping that tomorrow results will be out cant wait. again thanks for passing around the vibes as i like to call it.

guest (not verified) 19 August 2008 - 10:46pm

In reply to by admin

Well from Trinidad i've got good news and bad news. Results were released formally to the ministry on the 18th as planned along with CAPE and both were supposed to be released today, the 19th at schools nationwide after 10 am, however this was not done as the schools only received CAPE results which of course came as a huge disappointment to CSEC students. The schools advised that it may be released Wednesday or Thursday.

But what really annoys me is that earlier that morning the Trinidad newspapers practically ignore the fact that CXC results for CSEC were released at all. There was a front page article on each of the 3 main national newspapers- Guardian, Newsday and Express about how well Trinidad Cape students had performed, while in one paper there was not even mention of CSEC , in another, there was just a final closing line which stated that CSEC was also released that day and the last paper, Newsday gave some consideration to us. From this i could see that we were second priority at the moment, and it really isn't fair........ hope this helped.

guest (not verified) 19 August 2008 - 11:46pm

CXC To Be Released... Thursday..?

The latest news coming out to the media is that the CSEC CXC results are to released
on Thursday 21st August. This comes after principals were informed(misinformed) at a press conference on Monday that the results would be ready for today (Tuesday 19th). Many schools today were inundated with phone calls from anxious parents and students, but had to disappoint them, informing them that they did not know when the results would be ready

CSEC, CAPE results out
THE much anticipated results of the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) examinations are expected to arrive here today, according to Director of the National Centre for Education Research Development (NCERD) Mr. Mohandatt Goolsarran.

He made the disclosure yesterday to the Guyana Chronicle during an ongoing education workshop being held at the Regency Hotel on Hadfield Street, Georgetown.

The NCERD Director pointed out that after its arrival here, the results will first be analysed by the relevant officers in the Ministry of Education. This process normally takes a day.

Once completed, he said distribution to the schools will commence the following day.

According to a senior education officer, Guyana performed “exceptionally well” this year in the subject areas of Mathematics and English, compared to other candidates from the region who sat the examinations.

The Guyana Chronicle was also told that the results of the Caribbean Advance Proficiency Examinations (CAPE) arrived here yesterday.

Education Minister Sheik Baksh is expected to disclose these results at a press briefing today. (Tajeram Mohabir)

Source: http://www.guyanachronicle.com/topstory.html#Anchor-CSE-51203

So we can expect the Guyanese schools to receive the results on Friday, but since they have to make an analysis of their respective results, we can probably expect the results to be issued to students on MONDAY.

Meanwhile, I am quite happy that Guyana did exceptionally well in Maths and English =) Go Guyana!

"Education Minister Sheik Baksh is expected to disclose these results at a press briefing today. (Tajeram Mohabir)"

I am guessing that this confirms that things such as Guyana's top ten will be revealed today!

Thursday 21st August - I really hope so. I need it for registration for my new school abroad.. Is this date correct?

Hi! didn't actually want to give you an answer until I investigated to see what the best answer would be. Well, from what I gather, it seems that your computer virus protection should not be a problem. Are yu using Internet Explorer or Firefox? If using either of them, have you enabled cookies for caribexams.org?

If you go to this google page you will be given instructions on how to enable cookies for for any website; you just follow them for www.caribexams.org/

That's the best I can come up with right now. I hope this helps. If not e-mail us through the contact form in the right navigation bar and we can try to work it out.


guest (not verified) 20 August 2008 - 12:18pm

I'm Antiguan and we have not been informed in anyway of anything related to the CXC results. If anyone by any chance knows when results will be issued here please inform me.

I agree with you. Everyone is saying something different. I feel like they're just playing with our minds cuz they keep getting our hopes up then just leave us hanging. It would have been better if they didn't say anything about results being issued on the 18th. At least then we wouldn't have gotten our hopes up for nothing. They should have a bit more consideration for us. I mean we're the ones who need the results. The least they could do is let us know the status of the reults, let us know that the results are there and are being analysed by the schools or whatever. We've waited almost 2 months now that's the least they could do. But i guess a little courtesy is too much to expect from these officials right? I'm from Dominica, no word ye on results at all. *Sigh*

guest (not verified) 20 August 2008 - 3:19pm

In reply to by BlackMarauder (not verified)

Im from Guyana and i think wat the minister is going to disclose today at the press conference is the top candidates in the CAPE exams (i did cape so hopefully im one of them)and not the CSEC exams.

niagibbs14 (not verified) 20 August 2008 - 4:43pm

Well I am the "guest" who provided information about the happenings on CXC results in Barbados but now I have signed up for this site which i find very helpful and informative. Well the latest I have heard from a source is that the results have arrived at my school,so it seems they are no longer in the possession of the Ministry of Education, I was told that the results will be copied today and will be ready for distribution to students tomorrow, Thursday. I don't know if this will be the occurrence in other countries but hopefully so for you all my Caribbean sisters and brothers! Bueno Suerte!!

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