Persuasive Essay of Week 4 - "Teacher of the Year" Award.

Submitted by june joseph on 27 November 2012 - 12:00am

Dear School Council,

There are many ways to be an outstanding teacher and as many reasons to nominate someone for a "Teacher of the Year" award. This year I would like you to consider Ms Anesa Campbell, of Grade 5, Pioneer Prep, as one of the teachers elligible for this award. Just to mention a few solid facts which qualifies her.

From day one, Ms Campbell has demonstrated a contagious enthusiasm for teaching and learning. She is the sort of teacher whom students see as a guiding light who motivates them to be better people; whom colleagues have learned from through collaboration; and to whom parents and guardians owe much.

Unlike other teachers, she makes an exceptional contribution to the school by being a role model and inspiration to the education community. By offering after-school support and appropriate accommodations for her students, Ms Campbell demonstrates her thorough understanding of the school's curriculum. This gesture connects learning to the students interests and to their lives beyond the classroom.

Her punctuality sets her apart from the usual tardy teacher(s) and also allows her to interact with the students before the lesson of the day has begun. One can tell from her organized timetable, that she is methodical. I have never witnessed another teacher who has set aside time everyday for "Routine Matters". Every single student who passes through Grade 5 benefits from the different teaching methods she uses, which matches their learning styles and needs. Although the other teachers give weekly incentives to the "Best of the Best", Ms Campbell inspires the students to take on new challenges and reach their full potential by rewarding even the lowest performing student.

This teacher thinks outside the box and advances new approaches to teaching and learning, when the normal teacher would just apply basic teaching methods. In the final analysis of the matter, Ms Campbell is known for the outstanding manner in which she improves the students' reading and writing skills and inspires a LOVE for attending school!


mary 27 November 2012 - 12:11am

Wow! Wow! Wow! A most excellent essay! wow June you seriously shred that essay real bad! I sure that is a grade 1 essay.

Way to go girl!

june joseph 27 November 2012 - 10:41am

Mary, thank you so much! Your kind words really boost my confidence!

Kathy-ann Daniel 28 November 2012 - 11:04am

Hello June,
This is an excellent persuasive essay.

Your points are all very good. You list the teacher's good qualities e.g. her enthusiasm, actions as a role model, punctuality and innovative teaching approaches as points in support of your position.

In addition to listing the teachers good qualities as points in support of your position, you expanded on each point, giving examples of how the teacher displays the qualities you describe. This helps to support your points and your whole argument.

I like the way you use a separate paragraph to expand on each of your points. Your sentences are not too long, your use of language is excellent and your spelling is correct.

I agree with Mary, this is a grade 1 essay.

Congratulations June! Your writing style is very impressive. Once you keep up this style I believe that you will get a grade 1 in the CXC CSEC English A exam.

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