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Submitted by guest (not verified) on 31 March 2008 - 4:43pm

Here is a persausive writing topic that we can reply to.

"Should cellphones be allowed in schools"
In about 250-300 words, write either supporting or disagreeing.


toney (not verified) 7 April 2008 - 3:57pm

A school is an educational institution. It has rules and authorities which must be followed by all. Most schools around the world especially in the Caribbean, allows students to carry cellular phones to school while others do not. Is a communication device necessary in an educational environment? Certainly not!!!
It is usual that every school has a telephone in their main office. Isn't that enough! Parents who wanted to contact their child can easily do so by contacting the office. Teachers or others in authority will then direct the calls. Isn't this very easy. This transparently shows that there is no need to have a cellular phone in schools.
There are many reports in incidents of cellular phone theft. This is a usual norm in our educational system today. Bullies are prevalent; there are many, ready to take advantage of others. One who utilises a cellular phone are more vulnerable than others who does not have. This is one of the many techniques used in the theft of phones.
Students quite very often, utilizes this communication device affiliated themselves in unlawful acts. One of such which is prevalent in our civilization is cheating in exams. Cellphones now are more modernized; not only it allows one to make voice calls but also allows SMS. Many students have been found executing this initiative in sending exam question answers from one cellphone to the other.
In conclusion, with the effort of initialising and enforcing this initiative in banning cellular phones, the educational system will be able to function more effeciently as well as effectively.

Electronic modes of communcation improve and change mans lifestyle for the best and for the worst,thus every advantage as a disadvantge.The cellular phone is one of the recent gadgets of attraction,which is operated by both young and old .Unfortunately cellular phone are been misuse as a fashions showcase,but some people have morns and means of there personal use of the device.

In every school or institue they have roles which has been created to govern students as well as teachers.There is absolutely no problem with
with students having cellular phones in schools ,infact most parents keep in contact with there children's relating to thier attendance to and form school.Recently stated in the Police investigation Digest,sixteen year-old nakaita smith got kidnapt on her way home from school,her parents contacted the police at once after making several atems to call her cell phone,but mysterious her phone was off.But the police tracked her phone,and her location with assistance by the network which her phone was linked,thus saving little nakita's life.

Never the less the Ministry of Edaction should implement rule for schools that can allow students to have cellular phone but not to prohit it for the school environment,cellular phone must not be on in class or in any class period then it would be a inconvenient
.Also teachers as well ,because if a teachers phone rings during class he/she answers it,it would be a distraction to students ,momentarily if a student cell phone rings a few minutes after"would the student answer?",yes most obviously ,because a teacher should be a mentor,or a role module towards students and rules are rules ,you could never incouraging to do wright when you're violating them in the presents of the students and not expect them to behave in a permissive manner.

Cellular phone should not be on during class period and a student must a have the privilege of having a cellular phone in the school environment.

guest (not verified) 2 March 2009 - 11:44am

I give you four out of 5 stars for this. I kept one star because of the spelling mistakes.

guest (not verified) 2 March 2009 - 11:45am

I give you 4 and a half stars.

Dunstan, I am thinking that you approve of cell phones in school? You don't actually come right out and say it; you imply it (it might be a good idea to state your position clearly). I figured out that you are in favour of cell phones because of a few things.

Paragraph 2: you give good examples where cellphones have been used to save a kidnapped girl and for parents keeping in contact with their children and keeping track of school attendance.

Paragraph 3: You suggest rules for cell phone use in schools and give the example of teachers' cell phone affecting students.

Paragraph 4: The writer states his position clearly this time and gives the conditions under which cell phone use should be allowed in schools.

What do the rest of you think? How many stars would you give this essay and why?

camoflage (not verified) 23 September 2010 - 2:50am

I would give Duncan a 4 out of 5
He started off poorly not focusing on the persuasive side of if cell phone should be permitted in school but overall the statement on the issues was taken on.

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