Performing Arts Curriculum Plan (CXC CSEC Theatre Arts) - St Maarten

Performing Arts Curriculum Plan (useful for teaching CXC CSEC Theatre Arts) - St Maarten

Many times, great resources exist for teachers to support them in their work. Many times, these resources are not easily accessible to them or teachers may not even be aware that these resources exist.

In my travels around the internet I happened to come across educational publications for teachers in the Caribbean and I present them here for teachers' use.

Here is a teachers' guide for teaching the performing arts at the secondary school level in the Caribbean. This curriculum plan will be useful to teachers preparing students for the CXC CSEC subject, Theatre Arts. This curriculum plan was developed by Mr. Kofi O. Walker in collaboration with the teachers of the St. Maarten Academy PSVE.

This teachers' guide is archived in ERIC (Educational Resource Information Center) and is presented here for use by Caribbean teachers delivering a physical education curriculum.

This is a fairly recent teachers' guide for preparing students in the Theatre Arts.

St. Maarten Academy PSVE Student Handbook. Creative Artistic Formation: A Curriculum Development Plan, 2007-2008


"The performing Arts are reflections of ourselves!" This document was initiated in 2004 and completed by 2005 as part of a research paper with the help of the students and some members of staff from the St. Maarten Academy.

There is a need for programs such as this within the Caribbean schools. Unfortunately the arts continue to lack the support required; both in education and in the working world. It is also important that students can explore their full potentials through a variety of mediums. Majority of the students are of African-Caribbean descent, however we do have a mixed school and multiracial environment.

The activities listed within this guide are both practical and academic and is suitable for instruction for secondary level education and colleges. During the development of this curriculum guide, many of the students' attitude to their work changed and their interest in education improve as well as their social skills. Though the current syllabus is not being utilized by the St. Maarten Academy, this guide was commended by the President of the St. Martin University.

This program is potentially worth exploring for anyone who is interested in developing the creative arts programs within secondary level education. On completion of this syllabus students who wish to further their studies will find it easier in deciding what they would like to do at University level in the arts. The appendices and bibliography can be found on page 37. Eric Document 500623


Toni-Ann Morrison (not verified) 27 March 2012 - 3:09am

Theatre Arts!This awsome subject that captivates my mind and soul,allowing me to express myself freely through movements,althogh im often times shy I absolutely enjoy performing! It's exciting,captivating, intriguing...Really want to develope on my skills and learn more

Esther (not verified) 19 October 2013 - 2:44pm

Good day, are you allowed to interview a theatre arts personality that is not from your own country for the Research Paper (Interview)???

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