Caribbean Connections: Classroom Resources for CXC CSEC History teachers

Caribbean Connections: Overview of Regional History.
Classroom Resources for Secondary Schools.

Many times, great resources exist for teachers to support them in their work. Many times, these resources are not easily accessible to them or teachers may not even be aware that these resources exist.

In my travels around the internet I happened to come across educational publications for teachers in the Caribbean and I present them here for teachers' use.

Here is a teachers' guide for teaching CXC CSEC Caribbean History. It was produced by the Ecumenical Program on Central America and the Caribbean (EPICA) and the Network Of Educators on Central America (NECA). It was developed for use by CXC CSEC teachers who are preparing students to sit the CXC CSEC Caribbean History exam.

This teachers' guide is archived in ERIC (Educational Resource Information Center) and is presented here for use by Caribbean teachers preparing students to complete the CXC CSEC Caribbean History exam.

While this teachers' guide is a bit dated, it may still be useful.

Caribbean Connections: Overview of Regional History. Classroom Resources for Secondary Schools (1991)

Authors: Sunshine, Catherine A., Ed.;Menkart, Deborah, Ed.

This book was prepared to enable schools to incorporate material on the Caribbean into existing curricula.

Four aims guided the editors in their selection and presentation of materials: (1) to show Caribbean history and contemporary realities through the eyes of ordinary people, both real and fictional; (2) to promote critical thinking rather than simply the memorization of information; (3) to stimulate students' interest by creatively combining different types of learning materials; and (4) to ensure the authenticity and relevance of the material.

The book spans the 450 years from colonization of the Caribbean to the mid-twentieth century when most Caribbean territories gained their independence. Each unit includes a teacher guide, an introduction providing background information, and one or more readings.

The book is divided into four parts with several readings in each section. Parts include: (1) "The First Caribbean Peoples"; (2) "Conquest and Colonial Rule"; (3) "Winning Freedom"; and (4) "Building New Nations." Contains references, a list of sources of classroom materials, and an order form. ERIC Document 404256


trona (not verified) 16 December 2011 - 5:12pm

I want help in my SBA i=for caribbean history, I need help to review my work I need help with everything. So loking forward to people helping me in my work ,with questions and everything

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