Integrated Science Marker/Tutor School Based Assesment Handbook

Integrated Science Marker/Tutor School Based Assesment Handbook

Many times, great resources exist for teachers to support them in their work. Many times, these resources are not easily accessible to them or teachers may not even be aware that these resources exist.

In my travels around the internet I happened to come across educational publications for teachers in the Caribbean and I archive them here for teachers' use.

The Organization for Cooperation in Overseas Development (OCOD)- Comprehensive Teachers Teachers Training Programme (CTTP) produced a handbook for use by CXC CSEC teachers who were preparing students to complete the CXC CSEC Integrated Science School Based Assessment project.

This handbook was archived in ERIC (Educational Resource Information Center) and is presented here for use by Caribbean teachers preparing students to complete the CXC CSEC Integrated Science SBA component.

While this handbook is a bit dated, it may still be useful.

OCOD-CTTP Integrated Science: School Based Assessment Marker/Tutor Handbook (1992)

This manual informs tutors/evaluators and students about the Caribbean Examinations Council's (CXC) school based assessment (SBA) of integrated science skills. It includes directions for the teacher/evaluator and a student activity package.

The SBA is done in agricultural science, biology, chemistry, integrated science, and social studies and is designed to give teachers a greater role in the assessment of their students and to widen the range of abilities assessed.

The evaluator's handbook describes the purpose and nature of SBA and outlines in detail the skills assessed: manipulation, observation, recording, interpretation, cooperation, and persistence. There is also a discussion of assessment timing (conducted four times in each of the last two years of secondary school), rating guidelines, procedures for conducting the assessment, recording the scores, the use of laboratory notebooks, and suggested activities.

The Learner Activity Package includes an introduction to the SBA, a discussion of what scientists do, and a review of the six practical skills that the SBA looks for. The balance of the manual contains instructions for 32 assessment activities (for instance an activity to compare the effect of heat on temperature of water and soil) Eric Document 392767


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