CXC CSEC math exam topics 2010 - Paper 2 section 2

CXC CSEC math exam Paper 2 section 2 syllabus

CXC CSEC math exam 2010: Paper 2, Section 2 (Optional Objectives)

The questions on Paper 2, section 2 of the CXC math exam are based on the optional objectives in the syllabus.

There will be three (3) questions in section 2 of paper 2. You have to choose two (2) questions to answer.

One (1) question will be set on the syllabus section:
Algebra and Relations, Functions and Graphs.

The question in this section may be set on:

Algebra: Optional specific objective 17 or any of the other specific objectives in Algebra.

Relations, Functions and Graphs: Optional specific objectives 15, 22, 23, 24, 25 or any of the other specific objectives in Relations, Functions and Graphs.

One (1) question will be set on the syllabus section:
Measurement and Geometry and Trigonometry.

The question in this section may be set on:

Measurement: Optional specific objectives 5,6 or any of the other specific objectives in measurement.

Geometry and Trigonometry: Optional specific objectives 20 or any of the other specific objectives in Geometry and Trigonometry.

One (1) question will be set on the syllabus section:
Vectors and Matrices

The question in this section may be set on:

Vectors and Matrices: optional specific objectives 5, 11, 12, 13, or any of the other specific objectives in Vectors and Matrices.


Aly (not verified) 9 November 2009 - 11:09pm

Should Cellular Phone be abolished in schools?

The Use of cellular phone in schools should not be abolished, since we are living in a modern society where technology has become so globalised, and allows for easy access to communicate with the outside world, without hassle or delay. Let me also add by saying that it’s a small electronic device which allows easy access to children who wishes to take it around with them for communication, especially for emergency purposes.

Children should be allowed to take cellular phones to school, but they should also be responsible enough to know when and when not to use it, and I strongly believe that there are some very matured children who will not even think much less use it during class time, unless of course there is an emergency and the needs arise to contact his/ her parents.

Cellular phone can also use to track one’s where about, in a child’s case for instance and since there are so many reported cases of kidnapping (a popular one known as Ananda kidnapping), parents will be much more at ease, if there is a chance that their child is given the opportunity to take cellular phone with him/her to school.

The opportunity of being able to take cellular phones to school will make it easier for children to even contact the police, especially if there is a case where they see someone being kidnapped or even witness someone, maybe a friend being murdered, What about children who lives in volatile communities and need to contact a family member before he or she can go home, won’t that call for the use of cellular phone and infact it’s so affordable that even a mad person can have one, so i strongly believe that cellular phone in school should not be abolished.

GLEE (not verified) 12 May 2011 - 1:57am

WOW,thanks for giving me a example of writing a essay,but you should have use more evidence in your different points you it still.

Businessman (not verified) 12 May 2011 - 8:07pm


This is a bad example. Firstly, word choice is poor.The use of grammar and punctuation is poor. You don't have valid reasons;you don't have any reliable source to support your view. The facts you use to support your general statement does not link;your transition is poor.

"Even a mad person can afford one" How does that support your views or rather your GENERAL STATEMENT?. (HONESTLY I HAD TO LAUGH WHEN I READ THAT PART)

Honestly, if CXC gave you a pass for that essay,then trust me, even a 1st grader can sit the exam.

CXC really needs to set the bar higher for candidates.

GLEE (not verified) 12 May 2011 - 11:39pm

Should cellular phone be abolish in schools?

I strongly agree that cellular phone should be abolish in schools. The use of cellular phones in schools contribute variety of effect on students, associating with students doing poor academically,also promoting violence among their peer.

Giving students the opportunity to use cellular phones in schools, will likely cause various issues in schools,Students will tend to focus on communicating with Girlfriend or Boyfriends during class session, which will result into student getting poor grades and also causing conflict between His or Her parents.According to Wikipedia, it is proven that when students in schools has technologies in His or Her possession students will lack of listening attentively are focus on what the teacher is saying.

Cellular phone use in school does not only cause distraction of student.but also promote violence in schools.It is predominant that students tend to get involve in a lot of combats in schools.for example a child might vituperate or beat up a child in school,if this student that got beat up have the cellular phone in His possession will likely to call His or Her friends or family member to retaliate by injuring the other student.

In conclusion cellular phones should not be utilize in school.It cause students to fall behind academically.Also students are vulnerable to violence in schools.

Businessman (not verified) 13 May 2011 - 2:08pm

In reply to by GLEE (not verified)

GLEE fairly done.

I suggest to the person who wrote their essay first on this same topic should take a look at yours.

You bring across some good points. You sate you position. Your transition is fair. You put fourth good evidence. You give general statements to support your supporting views, which is exactly what, CXC is looking for. Thumbs up for that.

Only thing that was missing was that, you needed to suggest ways in which they could use to prevent cellular phones and what can be done for students to get access if they wanted to communicate with parents if there were to be any emergency.

And i think you could of expand on your views or rather facts in your second paragraph. For example, i suggest, you could have said: It is a know fact, due to technology nowadays and how advance cellular phones have become that the BlackBerry and the iphone for example, can be used to access social website such as the illustrious and well known FACEBOOK which student\teenagers are so addicted to nowadays.....continue.

But otherwise your essay was good.

guest (not verified) 10 November 2011 - 10:08pm

of the two writing i have seen, not one of them has impressed me. when the cxc examiner reads your paper, he/she must be convinced. you really do need to work on your grammar. be careful with your has and have. you do have good points, but you need to emphasise. my teacher gave me a pattern to writing an argument etc. and i'll share it with you.

Intoductory parapraph
-state the topic
-say how it came to your knowledge
-say that there are two sides
-state what side you are on.

-write on atleast 3/4 points and emphasise. (N.B. make use of emotive words and rhethoricl questions.)

-summarize points
-make reccomendations if possible
-say that your points are valid
-re-emphasise your stand.

this has helped me and i hope it helps someone else too.
(sorry abt nt using capital letters where necessary.)

hal (not verified) 30 August 2012 - 5:36pm

I am aiming for an 1 pray 4 me

hal (not verified) 30 August 2012 - 8:26pm

I need a good tutor

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