CXC CSEC Math Topic: Measurement

CXC CSEC General Proficiency math topic:



Measures of length, area, volume, weight, mass, time, temperature, speed, perimeter of polygons and circles; areas of triangles, rectangles, parallelograms, circles, irregular shapes; surface area and volume of right prisms and pyramids (triangular, rectangular, and circular cross-sections and bases) and sphere.

SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: The student should be able to:


Calculate the perimeter of a polygon, a circle, and a combination of polygon and circle;


Calculate the length of an arc of a circle using angles at the centre whose measures are factors of 360° (for example, 15° , 45°, 60° );


Calculate the area of the region enclosed by a rectangle, a triangle, a parallelogram, a trapezium, a circle, and any combination of them;


Estimate the area of irregularly shaped figures


Calculate the areas of sectors of circles - as in objective 2


Calculate the surface area of a simple right prism, a pyramid and a sphere


Calculate the volume of a simple right prism, a pyramid and a sphere


Convert units of length, area, capacity, time, and speed within SI system


Use correctly the SI units of measure for area, volume, mass, temperature and time (including the 24 hour clock)


Solve simple problems involving time, distance, and speed (for example timetabel extracts such as bus and airline schedules)


Estimate the margin of error for a given measurement


Give to a degree of accuracy (appropriate to the margin of error for a given measurement ), the results of calculations involving numbers derived from a set of measurements;


Make suitable measurements on maps or scale drawings and use them to determine distances and areas and vice versa


Solve problems involving measurements


Use investigations to make inferences and generalizations utilizing the concepts listed above


Camille (not verified) 2 May 2009 - 6:53pm

I am writing CXC math on the 20th of may and i want to know if you all have an idea what's coming?Can u help me out?I want a grade 1.thanks..

Mishay (not verified) 21 October 2009 - 4:35pm

In order to calculate the fraction questions do we need to follow the order of operations rule?? I forgot which to do first. add, divide or what.

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