CXC CSEC Math Topic: Trigonometry

CXC CSEC General Proficiency math topic:


These are the specific learning objectives that CXC has set for this CSEC math topic


All the topics listed for geometry as well as:

Sine and cosine formulae - simple practical applications; trigonometrical formulae for the area of a triangle; latitude and longtitude; distances on the earth's surface treated as that on a sphere.

SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: The student should be able to:


Determine the trigonometrical functions of angle θ° for -360° ≤θ ≤ 360°;


recognize and use the trigonometrical ratios of special angles, for example, 30° 45° and 60° in the fractional or surd form;


Use the sine and cosine formulae in the solution of problems involving triangles (the ambiguous cases will be excluded);


Calculate the area of a triangle given two sides and the included angle by means of the formula:

Area of ΔABC = ½ab sin C;


draw the graphs of the circular fuunctions sine, cosine adn tangent of θ° for -360° ≤θ ≤ 360°;


Solve practical problems involving heights and distances in three-dimensional situations;


Calculate the distance between two points on the earth, treated as a sphere, measured along parallels of latitude or meridians;


Determine the latitude and longtitude of a point on the earth's surface given it's distance from another point on the same parallell of latitude or on the same meridian.

* Optional objectives


guest (not verified) 30 November 2012 - 10:13am

i am having some roble with circle theroms and vectors. can u help?

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