CXC CSEC timetable for January 2009 exams is out!!

The CXC CSEC timetable for January 2009 exams is out


CXC has published the timetable for the January 2009 CSEC exams. We have posted the timetable for the exams in our upcoming events section and in our calendar. Please see the bar on the left side of the page.

If you have already registered to sit CXC exams in January 2009 you will want to see the exam timetable.

If you have not yet registered to sit the exams in January 2009, there may still be time in your island/ territory to do so. Today is the last day to register for January 2009 exams if you live in Jamaica.One day left if you live in Guyana and four days left if you live in Grenada.


guest (not verified) 16 March 2009 - 3:18pm

This morning, I called the Overseas Examination Council in Kingston they said they were in the process of mailing the results to various schools. They said we can call our schools for the results tommorrow, Tuesday March 17,2009.

Good Luck to all.

Hey, thanks a lot for letting us know that. So buddies and guests in Jamaica can start calling their schools and looking out for CXC January 2009 results to come in the mail. Haven't heard anything from the other islands yet so we can't say for sure what is going on there.

Finally the results are on the ground! And a week later... that's what happened last August too. So it seems that it takes about a week after CXC releases results for schools to get results and to start giving them out. Well, at least we have an idea of what to expect with the results for the May/June 2009 CXC exams. A week for results to get out to students.

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