CXC English A exam: Past paper type summary writing question 4


Here is another CXC past paper type summary question

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Section one question


This CXC past paper type summary question is the type of question that appears in Paper 2, section one of the CXC English A exam.

Suggested time to answer: 35 minutes


Write a letter to your aunt who lives abroad and who has just started a small business, giving her the essential information about the exhibition described below. Your letter MUST NOT be more than 150 words



cxc summary question

30 marks

Sample Answer


This is excellent! Can I see another summary writing question?




stay good amoy (not verified) 19 April 2011 - 7:33pm

44 cinnamon crescents
Kingston 11
April 19, 2011

Dear aunt moya;
In the Caribbean the CARIBFIESTA EXHIBTION is the most modern business products. It opens on august 12-15 2003 and it locates at Oceanside centre, 40 Campbell Street. The opening speech is by Dr. Ricardo S. Ifill (chairperson and CEO of Macro dyne technologies). It is for all businessmen-big, medium-sized, small, and if you attend their conference sessions at the CARIBFIESTA EXHIBTION they will improve the productivity of your business. You can find things you ever wondered about and even compared new products for old ones. It gives the latest tips and techniques from experts on modern methods of communication including the latest in telephone, fax machines and the internet. Valuable information on advertising, using the latest computers which will assists you to design animations, music, illustration and graphics in producing your advertisement. You can register online for more detailed information by visiting their website at .

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