CXC English A exam: Past paper type descriptive essay questions 1

CXC past paper type essay questions: descriptive essay questions

Here are CXC past paper type descriptive essay questions.

Here are the directions that are normally placed at the start of section three, the short story/descriptive essay writing section:


(Suggested time: 45 minutes)

Answer one question in this section.

Your answer in this section should be approximately 400 to 450 words in length.

You MUST write in Standard English. However, dialect may be used in conversation.


Write either a story or a description entitled: "The village where nobody lives anymore".

(35 marks)


It is you last day at secondary school.
Describe the thoughts that pass through your mind as you reflect EITHER on your school days OR on the next stage of your life.

(35 marks)


As she walked down the main street of the village where her grandparents lived she felt like she was in another country.

Describe what she saw and her thoughts and feelings.

(35 marks)


Describe a hurricane you have experienced.

(35 marks)


The climbers reached the top of the cliff as the sun was setting. They looked out over the town to one side and the water to the other. The whole scene appeared strikingly beautiful in the late evening sunlight.

Describe the view as seen by the climbers.

(35 marks)

I would like to see some more CXC English A exam descriptive essay questions!


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