CXC English A exam: Past paper type summary writing question 5

This is another CXC past paper type summary writing question

(with suggested answer)


These are the types of summary writing questions that have been on section 1, Paper 2
of the CXC English A exam

(Suggested time: 35 minutes)


Summarise what the the writer says about the Workers' Union in not more than 110 words.

Sometimes when social history is recorded it is often distorted to suit not its historical truth but present day circumstances. However, there is no need for this fear when accounting for the Workers' Union. The truth is, as an organization it has remained true to its founding principles. Uppermost in the minds of its founders were principles that still live today in the hearts of all its members.

The seventies was in fact a period of change, a period of revolt against the old order, a period when the entire society questioned itself. A mood of militancy pervaded the working class and bank workers were not left out. The 1970's (even in the 1960's the militancy of the youth and workers was manifested in a number of ways) were exciting times to say the least. The University was alive with debate, discussions and ideas. Political parties were formed and they created powerful stirrings within society. The social crisis, the demand for change of the old status quo, the international issues, all had their influences. It was in the period that the Workers' Union was born.

Today, the Workers' Union represents many workers in over sixty companies including professional employees at prestigious financial institutions. We are now the recognised representatives for workers in the financial sector as well as in research organisations, that has now become an institution.


30 marks

Sample answer

I am impressed with your summary type questions! So impressed that I would like to see another one please...



javoy henry (not verified) 23 April 2018 - 7:53pm

When social history is recorded sometimes it is adjusted not to suit historical truth but circumstances presently. as an organization it is honest to its founding principles. the seventies is were change occured it was a period of questioning, where political parties were formed and it was also the period of birth for the workers union. nowadays the worker's union represents many workers in various companies including professional workers at high quality institutions

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