CXC CSEC English A exam - Paper 3 topics

CXC CSEC English A exam - Paper 3/1 or Paper 3/2  (2018)

This post is taken from the new CXC CSEC English A syllabus effective from June 2018.

For the CXC CSEC English A exam paper 3, students in school settings will do CXC CSEC English A exan paper 3/1. While private exam candidates who are not affiliated with any school will do CXC CSEC English A exam paper 3/2. The following lays out first, the requirements for CXC CSEC English A exan paper 3/1 and then the requirements for CXC CSEC English A exan paper 3/2.



CXC CSEC English A exam - Paper 3/1




CXC CSEC English A exam paper 3/1 consists of a School Based Assessment (SBA) portfolio. Students are required to create an individual SBA portfolio on an issue/topic/ theme or event selected by the group of students with whom they will be working.

This English SBA working group must be approved by the English teacher. The group'sselected issue/topic/theme or event must also be approved by the English teacher.


Individual SBA Portfolio requirements

Each student's individual SBA portfolio is required to contain six (6) specific items:


(1) Plan of investigation

- Introduction. Write an introduction to the issue/topic/theme or event (100 words maximum)

- Reason. Why did you and your group choose this issue/topic/theme or event?

- Benefits. What are the expected benefits to you (as a student of English) of selecting this issue/topic/theme or event?

- Data collection. How do you intend to collect relevant information on your/your group's issue/topic/theme or event?

- Presentation plan. How do you intend to use your collected information in your required oral presentation?



(2) Participation measure

Each student's individual SBA portfolio is required to contain a completed rubric form which gives an assessed score of the student's individual participation as recorded by the student's English teacher and the student him/herself.



(3) Indicators of group activity

A minimum of three (3) pieces of material - three (3) for example print, audio, visual media must be collected and presented in the student's individual SBA portfolio. These three products should address the selected issue/topic/theme or event selected. One of these pieces must be print. These three pieces will form the basis for the class group work activities.

UPDATE: Please note this CXC CSEC English A portfolio item is ambiguous. On page 29 of the new 2018  CXC CSEC English A syllabus, CXC states "Indicators of group activity" - described above - is what should be included in the English SBA portfolio. However, this is seemingly contradicted on pages 52 and 58 of the syllabus. On pages 52 and 58 of the new syllabus, the name of this item is changed to  "Quality of Student Activity". Also, on page 58, a rubric is provided for teachers so they can assess students' group work activity and assign a mark to each student of their English class groups based on overall group performance.

RECOMMENDATION: Since it is unclear whether CXC intends for CSEC English A students to submit the 3 pieces of material listed in "Indicators of group activity" in their portfolio or for teachers to submit only the rubric score for "Quality of Student Activity", we recommend  that students seek clarification from their teachers on this issue.



(4) Written Report

The written report of the investigation should be a summary of the processes, procedures and outcomes of the research. It should include the material collected, the reasons for selection and and analysis of the material . S satisfactory report should be about 250-300 words in total.



(5) Reflection

The student's individual SBA portfolio is required to contain three (3) pieces of writing in which the student reflectively explores the selected issue/topic/theme or event in writing.

In the first reflective piece, the student should discuss how each of his three (3) student-created products (from section 3) helped to shape his or her thinking about selected issue/topic/theme or event.

In the second reflective piece, the student should explain and defend his use of language in his student-created products.

In the third reflective piece, should describe how the process of completing the SBA individual portfolio helped the student to become a better person.

All three (3) pieces of reflective writing should be completed in class, under the supervision of the English teacher.



(6) Oral Presentation

A personal response to the selected issue/topic/theme or event should be delivered orally for 3-5 minutes. The oral presentation should be delivered predominantly in standard English and in the genre of the student's choosing. For example, the presentation may be in the form of poetry, prose, a speech, an argument, a role play, drama or an exposition. The student should begin his/her oral presentation by delivering a brief overview of the presentation including the genre chosen, the sources used and a comment on the kind of language used. A brief plan of the oral presentation must be submitted in the student's individual SBA portfolio.



CXC CSEC English A exam paper 3/2





Theodore (not verified) 13 January 2018 - 9:16pm


Just wanted to confirm how the SBA should be typed. In terms of the margin size, line spacing, and the font size/style that should be used. From the teacher's manual, our teacher had outlined that the Plan of Investigation should be 250 words, it is hard to go back and have it amended after priding our self, as students construct meaningful sentences to need the word limit that was outlined. It was suggested in the CXC SBA English webinar, that it should be okay. Just wanted to confirm and please because there was a discrepancy, or typo if you may, please allow us this opportunity.

Thank you for updating your website my the way :) ... It helps.

admin 10 March 2018 - 5:18pm

In reply to by Theodore (not verified)

Smile :-) Glad you like the website update. From what we can see in the syllabus, while CXC has given quite a lot of guidance on the content and process of the CSEC English SBA, they have not given any guidance on formatting for the documents in the portfolio. My suggestion would be to follow a standard formatting like APA e.g. Times Roman 12 point font, double spaced. I don't think you can go wrong with that. Also do check back we are adding more information on the new CXC English A exam

Dennis Goodridge (not verified) 5 March 2018 - 11:28am


Nicholas Filbert (not verified) 5 March 2018 - 11:34am

My Personal Response Piece

micah mollineau (not verified) 6 August 2018 - 6:30pm

when can my son registar or jan exams

and when the days for the subject coming out

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When can I signup on this site.

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I'm a private candidate, just want some ideas on what to expect.

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