CXC English A exam: Past paper type summary writing question 2

Here is another CXC CSEC past paper type summary writing question.
(with suggested answer)

This is the type of summary writing question that has been on
CXC CSEC English A past papers


Read the following passage and then, in not more than 80 words, summarize Dr. Tristan's views about man's treatment of the oceans.

NB: CXC suggests spending no more than 40 minutes to answer a summary writing question.




Today is my very great pleasure to welcome Dr.

Tristan, the famous underwater explorer. His views

on man's treatment of the ocean are well

known. Dr. Tristan, you have expressed very

strong views about the way man treats the ocean.

Let us begin with this - What do you mean?



Simply that man still has the same approach to

fishing as he had to hunting in early times. For

example, man has indiscriminately slaughtered

whales and certain other species. We need to ask

ourselves, is man killing more fish than he needs?



Surely you don't expect us to treat the sea as we

treat the land?



I certainly do. We must use the sea, too, as

farmers instead of hunters. We must plant the sea and herd its animals.



Why is this so important? I'd always believed that

the ocean had endless resources, that it held

unlimited reserves of food which could last until

the end of the world.



That is a false concept which unfortunately,

many people share. The truth is that it is only in

the upper zone that the seas are productive of

life. This zone is very limited. We are rapidly

digging into a food reserve that is limited and

vulnerable, despite what most people think.



But even in the upper zone there must still be

several billions of fish in the open sea?



That's what you think. The fact is that the annual

tonnage of fishing has decreased by a great deal

in the past five years. However, I am not as

concerned about fishing in the open seas as about

fishing on the spawning grounds. Take, for

example, salmon. We catch these when they

gather for breeding. We do the same thing with

tuna and mullets, catching them near the shore

during mating season.



I suppose we're in danger of seriously depleting

our supply of food from the ocean?



The risk in our food supply is not the only

problem. The depleting of our resources from the

ocean is not merely a matter of fishing, you know.

Don't forget oil pollution. Ships frequently spill oil

along our coasts, wiping out millions of fish and

destroying plant life.



I am sure that there is a great deal more that you

can say on this topic, and I hope we will be able

to continue another time. Thank you very much for

coming. Good-bye.

30 marks


Sample answer

That was good. Can I see some more summary writing questions?


sarah s (not verified) 30 November 2009 - 12:21pm

According to Dr.Tristan,the famous underwater explorer,man treats fishing as hunting from the earlier times,since they slaughter these species and may kill more than needed.We should plant the sea and herbs the animals.In the upper zone,the sea is the productive of life but is limited also because of rapidly digging into a food reserve.Facts are that fishing has decreased during the past five years.Fishing in the open sea is better than the spawning ground.Near the shore these species are caught during mating season,hence,decreases its population.Oil pollution,reduces millions of fish and destroy plant life.

dizi101 (not verified) 2 January 2010 - 10:51am

As said by Dr. Tristan, the continuous slaughtering of fish by man through hunting as well as oil pollution is taking a toll on this limited resource. Instead of farming this resource in order to sustain it we overkill by hunting on breeding grounds, depleting food supplies, causing the annual catch to decrease significantly. We do not realize that only the upper part of the sea contains life, which we are decreasing with our carelessness and the false notion that it`s resources are unlimited.

84 words

sarita (not verified) 6 May 2018 - 12:26pm

In reply to by dizi101 (not verified)

this is good

gsr2 (not verified) 3 January 2010 - 8:41pm

As a famous underwriter explorer, man's ways of hunting has not change. Many people believe that there are several billions of fish in the open sea. They fail to realize that they deplete resources from the ocean when they spill oil and endanger fishes on spawning grounds such as salmon,tuna and mullets. This affects our food supply as well.Therefore, man ought to take care of the ocean just as he would take care of his land.
78 words

Eddison (not verified) 15 March 2010 - 2:53am

Man has indiscriminately slaughtered underwater species.Under the false concept they have an unlimited reserves of food. Facts state annual fishing has decreased drastically in the past five years. We do the same thing with tuna and mullets, catching them near the shore during mating season. Don't forget oil pollution caused by ships along our coasts, wiping out millions of fish and destroying plant life. We must use the sea, as farmers instead of hunters. We must plant the sea and herd its animals.

83 words

Challengea2009 (not verified) 20 March 2010 - 4:16pm

In summary, Dr. Tristan, the famous underwater explorer has raised his concerns on the treatment of marine lives in the primitive times to now. However, fishermen need to consider for the marine resourses which depends sole on each other for quality production.On the other hand, the Upper Zone does remarkable well. In fact, there have been a drastic decline in fish production in spawn ground compared to the open seas. In addition oil production is another major concern. The constant oil spills are very harmful to the marine resources.

lauron (not verified) 7 April 2010 - 10:08pm

Dr.Tristan's views on the way man treats the ocean is stunning because of the fact that man considers the ocean to have an unlimited supply of fishes which can now be proven wrong. Helpless fishes are caught during breeding seasons which reduces the population, hence, prevent further increase which is merely a matter of concern, the main concern is that million of fishes and plant life suffers from ships which often spills waste oil along the coasts.
(82 words)

Nep (not verified) 13 June 2010 - 5:59pm

Dr.Tristan, world famous underwater explorer believes that man is treating the ocean with the same regard as land.He becons us to question whether we slaughter more fish thann required, as the ocean's food reserves are not unlimited as is commonly misconstrued. Only the upper oceanic zones are plentiful, and man, by fishing during spawning time, has reduced his overall catch. Oil pollution, he believes, is also responsible for the destruction of our marine life.

jonathon (not verified) 14 October 2010 - 9:38pm

Dr.Tristan,the famous underwater explorer believes that man is mistreating the ocean which as a result, reduce resources.He sees it best that we take care of the sea rather than destroying it. Many person misinterpret the fact that their is unlimited resources in the sea, for only the depths of the sea have a more productive life. Not only is the supplying of food diminishing the resources from the ocean but also oil pollution from ships that spill oil along the ocean.

(83 words)

natassia black (not verified) 28 October 2010 - 11:42pm

Dr Tristan think that the people are destroying the sea and we are not treating it as how we treat the land. The fact is that the annual tonnage of fishing has decreased by a great deal in the past five years. However the is productive of life

stay good amoy (not verified) 15 November 2010 - 8:56pm

According to the famous underwater explorer,Dr.Tristan his views on man's treatment of the ocean is said to be in a critical condition.Man treats the ocean as if they considered it as a non-natural resources meaning the sea provides in many way, example:fish food, water etc.why polluting the sea with oil and destroying plant life when it is productive of life.It is running the risk of our food and decreases in tonnage of fish not only that but it also depletes our resources from the ocean.

Dr. Tristan, a famous underwater explorer is saying that man must treat the sea as farmers instead of hunters. The sea doesn’t have unlimited resources. The sea is very limited, the concern is not fishing in an open ocean is fishing on the coast were fishes gather to breed. Depleting our resources from the ocean is not merely a matter of fishing. Ships spills oil along our coast and wipes out millions of fish and destroying plant life.

queen_b (not verified) 31 August 2020 - 9:53pm

Dr. Tristan was basically reinforcing the importance of preserving and taking good care of our ocean. He started off by talking about the history of how men always hunted more than needed as back in the days. He then went on to say that we must take example from farmers and deal with the ocean in such manner. He then addressed the famous misused 'clique' used by many" the oceans will take care of itself and will supply us until the end of time" and corrected it. H e then concluded with his final remarks stating in detail other problems we face concerning the marine population.

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