CXC Principles of Business Exam guide: Section 6: Marketing

CXC CSEC Principles of Business Exam guide: Section 6: Marketing

CXC CSEC Principles of Business Exam Guide

Profile 2: Production, Marketing and Finance

Section 6: Marketing


The students should be able to:


Distinguish between the terms market and marketing;

Definition of market and marketing

2. Identify marketing activities;

Marketing activities:

(a) market research

(b) pricing

(c) packaging

(d) branding

(e) sales promotion

(f) advertising

(g) distribution


Describe the "marketing mix";

Marketing mix:

(a) product

(b) price

(c) place

(d) promotion


Explain the concept of market and market research;

Market research:

(a) concept;

(b) definition;

(c) types.

5. Outline the reasons for conducting market research;

Reasons for conducting market research. Identification of:

(a) consuumer taste;

(b) competition;

(e) consumer behaviour.


Describe the factors that influence consumer behaviour;

Factors that influence consumer behaviour:

(a) price;

(b) price of substitutes

(c) quality;

(d) taste;

(e) tradition;

(f) income (affordability)

(g) spending patterns;

(h) brand loyalty


Identify main types of market structures;

Market structures:

(a) perfect competition;

(b) monopoly;

(c) monopolistic competition;

(d) oligopoly.


Explain how price is determined;

Pricing: determinants of price:

(a) demand and supply;

(b) concept of equilibrium price or market clearing price.


Identify forms of packaging and presentation of goods;


(a) presentation;

(b) use of brand names.


Explain the concept of copyright;

Concept of copyright:

(a) producers or entrepreneurs: tose who maintain ownership and control over the product they have created and registered by obtaining a patent;

(b) consumers: those who may purchase the product but cannot reproduce it for commerical purposes without permission of the producer.


Explain the term patent;

Concept of patent including the concept of franchisee who is given a patent or official permission to reproduce the product.


Describe methods of promoting sales;

Methods of promoting sales:

(a) advertising:

(i) functions and forms

(ii) promotion including trading stamps and coupons;

(iii) loss leaders.

(b) public relations including business entertainment and the offering of special awards and sponsorship;

(c) sales promotion;

(d) personal selling.


Identify the techniques of selling;


(a) salesmen and their approaches

(b) merchandising and adjusting of pricing policy;

(c) methods of maintaing good customer -firm relationships, for example, after sales services.


Explain the various terms of sales;

Terms of sale:

(a) cash;

(b) credit;

(c) hire purchase;

(d) cash and trade discounts.


List the functions of consumer organizations;

Functions of consumer organizations:

(a) The rights and protection of consumers (private organizations and government);

(b) The role of the Bureau of Standards;

(c) role of the Ombudsman.


Identify the links in the chain of distribution;

The distribution chain:

(a) manufacturer;

(b) wholesaler;

(c) retailer;

(d) consumer.

17. Identify methods of retailing;

Methods of retailing:

(a) shops;

(b) department stores;

(c) mail order;

(d) e-commerce;

(e) tele-marketing;

(f) vending machines.

18. List the various forms of transport;

Forms of transport:

(a) land;

(b) air;

(c) sea.

19. Explain the importance of transport in marketing; Importance of transport in domestic regional and foreign trade.

20. Distinguish among the methods used for transporting specific goods;

Methods of transporting specific goods:

(a) oil and gas- pipelines and tankers;

(b) timber - rivers and barges;

21. Identify the problems likely to be encountered in distribution;

(a) Relationship betwen the availability of airport, harbour and docking facilities and the efficient distribution of goods;

(b) Problems of distribtion: delayed shipment, spoilage, misdirection of goods, inadequate wharehousing facilities, lack of proper security measures, industrial unrest, ineffective communication.

22. Outline measures to mitigate problems in distribution. Measures to mitigate problems of distribution.


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