OAS online course for Caribbean teachers: Quality in Basic Education (Course outline)

OAS online course for Caribbean teachers:
Quality in Basic Education (Course outline)

Course Outline

The 12-week course is organized in modules that include selected readings and related activities accessed through an on-line teaching platform or "Virtual Classroom". The course is organized into ten content modules (one each week), as well as one week dedicated to the introduction of participants to the Virtual Classroom and its tools, and one week for the conclusion of studies and the final evaluations:

Week 1

Introduction to the Virtual Classroom

Week 2

Module 1: Introduction to the philosophy of total quality education

Explores the main objectives of education and offers ideas regarding the philosophy of quality as applied to education. It also provides an in-depth analysis of the concept of beneficiaries and educational services.

Week 3

Module 2: Resolving problems in the school

Presents a simple methodology for recognizing and resolving problems. It also analyzes the problems that may affect the quality of the educational services offered at primary and secondary level schools.

Week 4

Module 3: Quality in the school context

This module explains why the search for quality should be made within specific contexts and based on the needs of each school establishment.

Week 5

Module 4: Quality as a process

Analyzes the concept of quality as a process rather than a product. In particular, it looks at the processes for planning, teaching, school-community relationships, teacher-family relationships and professional development.

Week 6

Module 5: Quality depends on those who participate in the process

Analyzes the benefits of team work, presents the concept of “quality circles” and offers examples of how these circles can help to resolve problems.

Week 7

Module 6: Quality requires leadership

Is directed to the school principal. It explains the functions that he/she should assume and the responsibilities that should be taken on by the school leader.

Week 8

Module 7: Quality leads to the continuous improvement of the people involved

Is intended for the people. It explains how the search for improving quality in educational services also implies a search for improving each and every one of the people involved in the school’s activities.

Week 9

Module 8: Planning and evaluating for quality

Focuses on planning. It explains the characteristics of a plan, the components required of a plan, and the “plan-do-review-act” cycle.

Week 10

Module 9: Quality requires community participation

Is for families and communities. It explains why closer relationships between school, family and community are needed and offers ideas on how and why to create them.

Week 11

Module 10: Some implications about quality

Explains what is implied for the persons working to improve quality and why it is important to share both successes as well as the knowledge of how these successes were achieved.

Week 12

Final project

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alecia (not verified) 21 February 2012 - 11:53pm

i am an english teacher and i am interested in taking the course

Renee Ramdial (not verified) 3 June 2013 - 10:40pm

Will this programme be offered again? I am very interested in this area.

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