Sample summary answers: CXC CSEC English A exam May/June 2007

Examples of how a CXC CSEC English A summary answer should look.


Here are three examples of excellent answers for the summary question on the CXC English A exam May/June 2007. These summary answers are describes by CXC as "excellent" examples of how summary answers should be composed.


Example 1

From the beginning of civilization tattoos and other body markings have been marks of
identification, spiritual protection and decoration. Tattoos are permanent markings which vary
greatly and can be personally very revealing. A tattoo is an instant of your life etched forever on you
for the world to see.

Tattoos and other body markings were characteristic of the Amerindians of the Caribbean as well as
of the Africans, Chinese and Indians who came here. For all these people, they had cultural,
spiritual and ethnic significance. Over the centuries, tattoos and other body markings have changed
back and forth from group significance to individual significance, presenting a daily image of
difference and uniqueness.

(112 words)


Example 2

Tattoos have been around from the beginning of time and were used originally as identification marks,
spiritual protection and decoration, but now they are a popular form of self expression. Tattoos are
permanent markings on the body which were brought to the Caribbean by slaves from Africa and
indentured labourers from China and India, but were also used earlier by Amerindians.

Over the years tattoos have changed from being positive to negative, often being confused with
rebellion and deviance (non-conformity). Today, tattoos are once again seen as something positive:
they are worn by people from all walks of life, on all parts of their body, saying to the world it's all
right to be different.

(115 words)


Example 3

Tattoos have been around from the earliest of times for identification as well as for spiritual and
decorative purposes. They are more unique and permanent than other symbols and ornaments and
can be seen by everyone.

Tattoos and other body markings came to the Caribbean from Africa, China and India with slaves
and indentured workers. Indigenous people also used tattoos for spiritual, cultural and personal
reasons and to indicate social status.

Over time, tattoos displayed more personal expressions and were perceived by some to display antisocial
or deviant behaviour. Today, however, tattoos have re-emerged as signs of personal
expression, have gained respectability and are linked with cultural and social identity and
individuality and not merely with style.

(116 words)


While the answers are different, they all have,

1) All the required information

2) In the correct format (continuous prose)

3) In the required word limit (No more than 120 words)


Please follow the format of these examples to get high marks on your CXC English A summary writing question.




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