Time management before exams

Time Managment before exams

The study timetable

When preparing for exams, it is a good idea to develop a study timetable.

A study timetable is a tool that you create to help youplan out your daily activities and set aside a block of time that you will use for studying for exams.

You should set aside a specific amount of time every day for five days a week. Even if you do not use it, it is good to get your mind and body used to the idea that this is your "study time".

Do not set any study time for the weekends. Use this time to relax and recuperate from the week. Also, leavingyour weekend free, is giving yourself a built-in rewardforfollowing your "study time" schedule duringthe week.

If you do not follow your study time schedule during the week, you may take a day overthe weekend to make up for study time that you missed during the week. (If you were good and studied during the week, you may go chill with your friends on the weekend.)

How much time should I set aside to study during the week?


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