Advisory: meeting caribexams study buddies offline

Submitted by admin on 13 February 2009 - 4:04pm

Advisory to ALL caribexams study buddies

This is an advisory to ALL caribexams study buddies. does NOT verify information given by group members in their profiles. We do not guarantee thatgroup members are the persons they represent themselves to be online. As a consequence, we strongly advise against meeting previously unknown group members offline.

For adult members, we strongly recommend that you exerciseEXTREME CAUTION if arranging to meet previously unknown group members offline. E.g. meeting in public places, going with friends, telling others about your arrangements, setting contact times.

We STRONGLY ADVISE thatour underage members DO NOT to meet anyone unknown to themfrom this group offline, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER! does not support, sanction orrecommend activities between group members offline and outside of this group. therefore does not accept responsibility or liablity for activities or the consequences thereof undertaken by group members outside of this group.

We ask that group members be guided accordingly in their actions.

This information is posted to ensure the safety and security of all our group members.

The caribexams team

P.S. "previously unknown" means that you meet people in this group ( but you do not know them otherwise.


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