OAS hosts online Agro-eco-tourism course

OAS hosts online agri-eco-tourism course

CaRAPN interviews Stacey Antoine about her Matura, Trinidad agri-tourism project

Who this course is for:

For people who did CXC CSEC Agricultural Science and who are thinking of pursuing a career in agriculture, this is an interesting opportunity. It is also an interesting opportunity for those who plan on employment but have small estates or family lands that they want to put to use. This course presents ideas to use those lands in profitable two-way businesses.

Course name: Agro-eco-tourism: Basic elements to implement an innovative project on tourism - 2nd. Edition

Course description:

This course presents topics related to rural tourism and introduces agro-eco-tourism as an alternative and/or complementary income to the farm land in the rural settlements and rural areas. It also presents a way to contribute to the diversification of national tourism industries.

This course involves a series of modules that allow the advancement of the study materials and the preparation of an executable project that addresses local realities of participants. Consequently, at the end of the course participants will have an instrument that facilitates the design of a new tourism project.

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Duration: This course is 10 weeks duration

Target Group: Men and women who own small or medium livestock farms or stakeholders interested in the agro-eco-tourism sector

Expected course outcomes: This course aims to provide participants with the basis to plan, coordinate and implement agro-eco-tourism projects,

Cost: Total tuition cost for the course is USD $400.00

Financial Aid Option:

The GS/OAS and IICA will provide financial aid of USD 200 (two hundred dollars) to candidates who fulfill all the posted requirements. The final tuition cost for participants who receive financial aid will be USD 200 (two hundred dollars).

NEW registration Deadline: September 20th, 2012

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