Physical education guide for secondary schools - St Lucia and Peace Corps

Physical education guide for secondary schools - St Lucia and Peace Corps

Many times, great resources exist for teachers to support them in their work. Many times, these resources are not easily accessible to them or teachers may not even be aware that these resources exist.

In my travels around the internet I happened to come across educational publications for teachers in the Caribbean and I present them here for teachers' use.

Here is a teachers' guide for teaching physical education at the secondary school level. This 239 page book is the result of collaboration between teachers in St. Lucia and Peace Corps volunteers. It was developed for use by Caribbean physical education teachers at the secondary school level.

This teachers' guide is archived in ERIC (Educational Resource Information Center) and is presented here for use by Caribbean teachers delivering a physical education curriculum.

While this teachers' guide is a bit dated, it may still be useful.

Physical Education Guide for Secondary Schools (1994)


This collaboration between teachers in Saint Lucia and Peace Corps volunteers offers a comprehensive physical education program for children and youth ages 10-18 years, including lesson plans, evaluation and assessment techniques, and psychological and physical growth and development characteristics for this age group.

The program is not geographically-specific, and it contains pictures, drawings, charts, and graphs to illustrate various points. The curriculum has four main goals: to develop and maintain a high level of health-related fitness, to develop a knowledge of the sciences of physical education, to develop positive attitudes and behaviors for psychosocial development, and to develop and maintain a high level of skill-related fitness.

The text includes notes for teachers on anatomy and physiology, biomechanics, body fat and weight control, cardiovascular fitness, circuits, flexibility, nutrition, sport psychology, and skill-related fitness. Eric Document 391804


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