CXC English A exam: Past paper type summary writing question 9

Here is another CXC past paper type summary question. The directions below are the directions you will find on the CXC CSEC English A exam.


(Suggested time: 35 minutes)

You MUST answer the question in this section

(Suggested answer)



Good morning. Let's get going. We don't have much time. We are here to finalize arrangements for this trip to Suriname. Miss Ball, do you have the flight information?


Miss Ball: 

The flight is scheduled to leave at 8.00 am. which means that we have to be at the airport at 6.00 am.



This is a problem. A number of the boys live in the country and transportation at that time is difficult and expensive.


Mr. Pitt: 

I agree. I'd like to suggest that the whole team be asked to sleep here in the gym the night before we depart. That way we can be sure that everybody is ready on time. I have arranged with The Bus Company to have a bus here at 5.00 am.

We need to ask parents to let us know if their boys have need of any special medication and to make sure that they travel with an adequate supply. We may as well ask them to indicate if they are on any special diet, while we are at it. Are all our flights confirmed?


Miss. Ball: 

Yes, the travel agent has done that. We leave on Caribbean Airlines 4810 on Tuesday July 4th and return on Caribbean Airlines 4812 on Tuesday July 11th.



Okay, that seems to be all. Mr. Pitt, I'd like you to prepare a draft letter to the parents of the boys on the team telling them what we have decided about sleeping here the night before. That means they must leave home on Monday morning with everything they need while they are abroad. Ask them to send us a note with any information about medication and diet and give them the flight information and the name of the school where the boys will stay in Suriname.


Mr. Pitt: 

Yes, Sir, I do it right away.


Imagine you are Mr. Pitt. Prepare the letter to be sent to the parents of the members of the team. Your letter must not be more than 150 words

30 marks


Sample answer


I would like to see the next CXC past paper type summary question.


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