CXC English A exam: Past paper type summary writing question 11

Here is another CXC past paper type summary question. The directions below are the directions you will find on the CXC CSEC English A exam.


(Suggested time: 35 minutes)

You MUST answer the question in this section

Carefully read the following interview which appeared in a community newspaper, then answer the questions which follow it.

Reporter: Good morning, Sir. First let me thank you for giving our company this second interview concerning the media
Official: I must tell you that I have been very unhappy with the way in which the newspaper owned by your company handled the last interview. What was most disturbing was the television news item about the interview that I gave.

Are you saying that our newspaper and television station deliberately presented inaccurate information to the public?

Official: I can't say whether it was deliberate or not, but both of the reports were unfair representations. You know, this has to be a cause for concern. Take the newspapers, for example. When they don't distort the news, they get their information wrong. It's hard for the reader to tell truth from fiction these days.
Reporter: You obviously feel strongly about this.
Official: Yes, and there is more. The papers are guilty of negative reporting. And that which passes for language, good gracious!
Reporter: Really?
Official: Tell me, what is front page news these days? Is it "Schoolgirl Saves Toddler" or "Man Kills Family Then Self"? Is it "Students Build Home For Destitute Family", or "Boy 10, Assaulted"? You seem to enjoy printing bad news.
Reporter: Well Sir, we have to try to attract the attention of our readers.
Official: Is that the reason for negative reporting? For sensationalism? Rubbish! And as for interviews, if the reporter knows little about the subject, how can he hope to do a proper interview?
Reporter: But Sir, we publish...
Official: All you seem to be publishing these days are apologies. How often have I read the words, "Having investigated the matter, we are satisfied that the story as reported is untrue".
Reporter: A little earlier you also mentioned some dissatisfaction with our television station. Can you comment further?
Official: Yes, and I certainly will. I said that your television station had also given an erroneous account of my interview. But beyond that I think your company has to address several problems concerning the television station. I want to deal specifically with certain aspects of this.
Reporter: Such as?
Official: Let me ask you this.iWhen last have you seen a good educational programme on your station? Huh? What is the ratio of local to imported shows in any given week? I'm sure if you stop to think about it, you'll see what I mean. We need to reconsider our priorities. The imported shows seen on the station are of questionable worth. In fact the lifestyles and morals depicted are in most cases downright deplorable. We are in danger of having the moral fabric of our society destroyed by these shows.
Reporter: But this is what the public and advertisers want.
Official: The public's taste can be changed even though some advertisers may withdraw their sponsorship. I think if your television station budgeted more wisely, we could have a better diet of programmes.
Reporter: Well, what do you suggest our company should do?
Official: It's simple, really. I think your company might be more selective in their choice of programmes.
Reporter Thank you for your views sir, I can assure you that this time they will be reported accurately.
In not more than 60 words, write a summary of the views of the Official on newspapers.
In not more than 60 words, write a summary of the views of the Official on television.
In addition to content, marks will be awarded for (1) organization, (2) fluency and (3) accuracy of language.

N.B Only the first 60 words in each case will be considered for credit.

30 Marks
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