Guidelines for reviewing CXC English A textbooks

Submitted by admin on 13 April 2008 - 4:22pm

Please add your reviews of CXC English A textbooks so that other students who may want to use them for revision and/or exam preparation will have an idea of how helpful the books are (and not waste money on a book that doesn't suit them).

To help you in writing your reviews we have developed 4 categories for you to grade the textbooks on. (You get graded all the time, don't you? Well, here is your chance to grade the books they tell you that you have to use.)

Grading criteria

1. Quality of exercises

The book had very relevant exercises that helped me practice my English skills.

The book had a few relevant exercises that was somewhat helpful.

This book cannot be used without a teacher. It really isn't for students studying on their own.

2. Procedures for essay construction

This book showed the process for developing different types of essays.

This book talked a lot about grammar and punctuation. It didn't show much about how to develop an essay.

This book was more about English than CXC exam prep.

3. Presentation of essay type questions

The essay questions were organized into CXC type categories e.g. summary, persuasive, short story and reading comprehension.There were sample essays.

The essay questions were organized in some other way.The book had its own organization. There were no sample essays that I could see.

This book was only CXC essay questions with sample essays to loook at which I liked.

4. Information on the CXC English A exam

This book gave detailed information on the requirements of the CXC English A exam,

This book gave some information on the topics covered in the CXC English A exam,

This book did not say anything about CXC except in its name.


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