CXC CSEC math exam pass rates

CXC CSEC math exam pass rates

The following CXC math pass rates were assembled from data published by CXC in it annual school reports.


CXC CSEC pass rates:
math exam
(Average score Jan. and June exams)

Total % students passing
Paper 1
Total % of students passing
Paper 2
Total % of students achieving gr I-III
62% (Jun)
17.5% (Jun)
36% (Jun)
57% (Jun)
24% (Jun)
41% (Jun)
60% (Jun)
15% (Jun)
34% (Jun)
47% (Jun)
20% (Jun)
35% (June)
71% (Jun)
20% (Jun)
39% (Jun)



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guest (not verified)

Anyone online now doing cxc next week

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Mr. Jaggernauth (not verified)
Best of luck May/June 2017

Best of luck to everyone writing exams this year. Including Math and remember to reason out your responses. #Ste_Madeleine_Secondary!

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jenna (not verified)

anyone doing math this year, interested in being my partner

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guest (not verified)

I am will to work along with persons here, to practice maths.

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kayla brown (not verified)
English language

I will try how to do english language

guest's picture
Shauna (not verified)

I would love to be ur partner

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guest (not verified)
Suggested Solution to Help With The Mathematics Problem

Mathematics is a practical subject. Practise makes perfect. We say this to our students all the time. But the opportunity is really not there for free.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I am not aware of many examination bodies that sell their past examination papers. Well let's say it's done with the SAT's. But there are also hundreds of SAT prep sites with free practise tests for which you get immediate feedback. Universities across the world upload past papers and their solutions to aid students in preparing for their examinations. After all....the intention is to help students pass right?

I am asking CXC to consider making at least the Mathematics past papers, and maybe even their solutions, available online for students to access for free. We all have to play our small part in alleviating
the region of this problem.

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guest (not verified)

The maths pass rate is very low

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EliBert (not verified)
Very low. What are we doing

Very low. What are we doing about this? Math is the "problem solving subject"!
What does this mean for our society?

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guest (not verified)
How was this posted in, and

How was this posted in, and has comments from 2008, but contains information about 2009 - 2011?? is this information accurate? i'm confused. Where exactly did you get these statistics? can you post a link please?

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Joined: 23 Oct 2007
Re: how was this posted...


We try to update the CXC CSEC math (and English!) pass rate table every year.

If you read the sentence above the table, it says that the pass rate table was assembled using the subject reports published by CXC every year. There is also a link to the CXC website where you can find the original subject reports.

I hope this information is helpful.

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Anton (not verified)

Oh Gorm! Dis maths exam looking hard!! How come so many people failing boy?

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guest (not verified)
Mathematics problem

I need a study partner for me to sudy this maths any one interested in being my study partner can hit me up on yahoo at

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leo (not verified)
mathematics and social studies

Hi everyone how are u doing I am new doing math an social studies

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Rodrigo (not verified)
Results by country

Do you have this information for each of the countries participating in the exam?
Thank you very much.

Kathy-ann Daniel's picture
Kathy-ann Daniel
Joined: 24 Aug 2007
Re: Results by country


No, we do not have that information by country. I do not believe that CXC publishes the information by country. I will certainly check on it though, and post here what I find out.

Good question.

Kathy-ann Daniel-Gittens

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guest (not verified)
hi, can you please tell me

hi, can you please tell me the from what percentage- to what percentage or the marks for grades 1,2,3,4

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kelsii (not verified)

cud any1 let me knw how d exams are like how they really are!!!!!!!! because studyin is not working for me at all and i have exams in a couple of months

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guest: Andrea (not verified)
It's not very hard. all u

It's not very hard. all u have to do is practice, it makes it much easier. :) good luck with ur exams.

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guest (not verified)
Re: CXC CSEC math exam pass rates

can a candidate obtain one certificate with both january 2010 results and june 2010 results?

Kathy-ann Daniel's picture
Kathy-ann Daniel
Joined: 24 Aug 2007
Re: one certificate for January and June CXC results

Sorry, no. They are different exam cycles, your results cannot be combined. You will receive a certificate for each exam e.g. one for January and one for June.

Kathy-ann Daniel-Gittens

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Donnicka James (not verified)
Questions are made to be ask?

Hey all,

I want know if the time-table for CXC 2010 is really what i am going to get later down at my school.
our school wait too long to give us our time-tables that why we are so behind. please respond to this anyone.

Kathy-ann Daniel's picture
Kathy-ann Daniel
Joined: 24 Aug 2007
Re: CXC timetable 2010

Hi Donnicka,

Yes, this is the CXC timetable for the May/June 2010 CSEC exams at present; it is a draft timetable though. This means that CXC may make changes to the timetable if it discovers conflicts in the timetabling of the subjects.

I will say though, that there are usually very few changes between the draft timetable and the final one. So, you can use this timetable as your guide for exams in May/June 2010.

Kathy-ann Daniel-Gittens

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romario (not verified)
maths cxc question

i did maths cxc in january 2010 i calculated i got around 75-85 out of 120 in paper 2 (mostly around 81/120) and about 52-57 out of 60 for the paper 1 so i think strongly i got about 137/180 altogether can i get a grade 1???

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Monique Brown (not verified)
First Time

Its my first time doing CXC math im sooooo scared im even having a massive headach over this thing, but im gonna do my thing and pass this/these papers.

guest's picture
fluffy (not verified)

girl its not u worried too but i really want to pass it am gonna put out all my effort

guest's picture
screenceo (not verified)

anyone in kingston area and would mind linking up for some maths revision let me know we have a small group doing some revision, link at 3654516 or

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olanre (not verified)

wow, i saw some of the past questions. even the old old ones and its pretty easy. i could get a 2 just be studying the day before. why is only 32% pasing the God forsaken paper?

oh and i heard that this year would still be easy but next year would be hard.

guest's picture
Sandy (not verified)
Don't wait

I don't think you should try and study the day before, you need to work hard to be successful.

The heights by great men reach and kept, were not attain by sudden flight, but they while their companions slept, were toiling upward through the night.

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wendy_gee (not verified)

i need someone to study with

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