CXC CSEC math exam pass rates

CXC CSEC math exam pass rates

The following CXC math pass rates were assembled from data published by CXC in it annual school reports.


CXC CSEC pass rates:
math exam
(Average score Jan. and June exams)

Total % students passing
Paper 1
Total % of students passing
Paper 2
Total % of students achieving gr I-III
62% (Jun)
17.5% (Jun)
36% (Jun)
57% (Jun)
24% (Jun)
41% (Jun)
60% (Jun)
15% (Jun)
34% (Jun)
47% (Jun)
20% (Jun)
35% (June)
71% (Jun)
20% (Jun)
39% (Jun)



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screenceo's picture
screenceo (not verified)

would mind a study group with you , add me to you list at or @

screenceo's picture
olanre (not verified)
Re: wendy gee

hey you can study with me over the web. well there's a section here for cxc study buddies and a chat room so we can chat!

screenceo's picture
wendy_gee (not verified)

Hi what up everyone i hope everyone is studing hard as for me i have a real problem in studing.

screenceo's picture
guest (not verified)
math paper 2008

last years paper was easy this years paper is suppossed to be hard.

screenceo's picture
prissy (not verified)
maths paper 2

paper 2 ruff bad

screenceo's picture
necey (not verified)
math paper 2

hope paper2 will be easier this year then!!!.

screenceo's picture
luds (not verified)
Paper 2 is that bad???

Paper 2 is that bad???

Kathy-ann Daniel's picture
Kathy-ann Daniel
Joined: 24 Aug 2007
I wouldn' t say

that the CXC math paper 2 is 'that bad'. What I would say is that you cannot guess your way through it. Very importantly, you have to show your 'working' (problem-solving steps) clearly. It is not enough just to write down the correct answer. You have to show how you got your answer.

What some people don't realise is that it is possible to get a math answer wrong and still get marks for the question. This can happen if you show that your 'working'(problem-solving process) is correct and you know what you are doing. If you do that, you can make the wrong calculations, give the wrong answer and still get marks. Why? Because you have shown that you know what process to follow to solve the problem and you get marks for that.

So getting the 'right answer' isn't the whole story.

Kathy-ann Daniel-Gittens

screenceo's picture
guest (not verified)
math question

i wanna ask a math question kathy there was a question on paper 2 secton 1 and there was like a table it was going down in sequences like 1 2 4 6 so i thought it was even numbers and continued to 14 and found the probability and stuff after i realised the correct numbers to be use were at the top of the page can i still get marks for understand the concept?

screenceo's picture
angel_sd (not verified)

it's scary how the percent go up and drop all the down below 50 then rise again,

screenceo's picture

i think they perform well in paper one in that period of time than paper 2.

screenceo's picture
toney (not verified)
Re: maths

Hi friend! Yes indeedo! Smile...Most of the students must guess their way through.

screenceo's picture
kendel (not verified)

yeah maths paper 1 is much easier than maths paper 2,plus you can always guest right if luck strikes at you.

screenceo's picture
Teri (not verified)

I can't seem to get higher than a 5 .... I give up

screenceo's picture
Monique Brown (not verified)
Study and pray

Never give up just study hard and pray for God's help. Its my first time doing CXC math and im soooooo Scared but Im praying and studying, Im having headach.

screenceo's picture
Sansha (not verified)
Re: Maths

Hi...please don't give up on trying. If you practice hard enough, have faith in God and claim in your mind that you will and must achieve a mark higher than a 5 then it will work out. But please, don't ever give up and keep on trying till you reach your goal.

screenceo's picture
shamir (not verified)

hey sansha im really new at this and im freting like hell you think you could give me some advice.

screenceo's picture
guest (not verified)
Re: mathematics

dont give up pray to god and you will sucessed and also do a lot of past paper and you will get throught.

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