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CXC summary essays

This is a visual representation of what you do when you summarize a written passage


Here are a list of summary writing tutorials. These tutorials are collected here to show you samples of good and bad summary writing and to guide you in developing the skills you need to write good summaries. What is a summary?

How to write a summary.

Example of a summary showing the original passage and the summary passage.

Another example of a summary showing the original passage and the summary passage.

Another example of summary writing showing the original passage and the summary passage.

How to score summary writing essays: An explanation of how you too can score summary passages.

A scoring rubric tool to help you 'correct' summary essays This scoring rubric is a tool to help you identify which areas of summary writing you are good in, and which are the areas in which you need more practice. This scoring rubric was specifically constructed to diagnose proficiency in the requirements for summary writing identified by CXC. It was developed based on an analysis of the CXC English A school reports published annually by CXC. (Smile... enjoy!)


Have you ever bought anything?If you have,then you're a consumer.However,a major weakness of being a consumer is that we are unaware of our rights.This leads to exploitation.As a consumer,we have a right to all the basic necessities in our life.This includes food,clothing,housing,heath and of course,education.If you have the money,no one can stop you from not purchasing those necessities.Consumers also have the right to be protected from any product or servise that may endanger their lives.Therefore,proper labelling is called for.All products servise must comply with goverment regulations.Do not fell obligated to buy things.
If you are not satisfied with a product,you also have a right of voising your dissatisfaction.In cases like these,you may be able to get some forms of compensation or refund.By educating ourselves to our rights as a consumer,we can become better and wiser shoppers.

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