Caribbean Winner - 2011 Commonwealth Short Story Award

How to write a short story - Caribbean Winner 2011 Commonwealth Short Story Award


For those of you who are still struggling with how to write a short story with a Caribbean perspective, here is an example of how it can be done. Barbadian writer Kathyann Husbands wrote a short story entitled, "Love, Honour and Obeah". It won the Caribbean entry category in the Commonwealth Short Story Award 2011.


The short story is 599 words; within the range of words that is normally written for the CXC CSEC English A short story question. Kathyann has graciously agreed for her award winning story to be posted here for CXC CSEC English A students to view.


Kathyann Husbands - Barbadian writer and Information Communication Professional






Kathyann is a Senior Information Officer with the Barbados Government Information Service and has won several other awards for her writing. She writes short stories and fiction on her blog - Cheese-on-bread!



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I want to learn this subject more i find it complicated

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