Getting results

What it felt llike getting my results

CXC CSEC exam results January 2013 released?

CXC CSEC exam results for January 2013 released?


Has CXC released the results of the CXC CSEC  exams, January 2013? They might have. At least suggestions indicate that they might have.

Very quietly, several hours ago,  CXC on its Facebook page said,

                     "Hi Fans, you can check your grades online, see link:

9 days left!!!

OMG!!!! onli 9 dayz left!!! so nervous!! restless nite hv started once again!!!!

Maths Problems

Question: A Shop stocks X Sonix and Y Zent radios. It has shell space for up to 20 radios.

(i) Write an inequality to represent this information.

Willing to help with Mathematics

Im a cape student.. anyone needing help with math chem or phys.. i can help

Gettin Results From January 2010

I want some information on the January 2010 results...i haveen't received any results as yet what is goin on??? every time i call the MOE they are giving me alot of run arounds...tell me exactly what is goin on????


before i got my results i got super sick i could eat nothing the day i went for it i was so frighten but when i got my results i had a big smile i got two 2s and two 3s sper cool

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