CXC English A: Summary writing: interactive practice exercise 4



CXC English A: Summary writing: interactive practice exercise 4

Here are more practice summary writing exercise to help you get ready for the CXC English A exam.

 Your task is to write your summary of the passage given in the textbox below.

When you are finished, you click on "answers" to view the sample summary answer given. You can then compare your summary answer to the model summary answer given.


Summary exercise 1                                                         Summary exercise 2

Summary exercise 3                                                         Summary exercise 4                 

Summary exercise 5                                                         Summary exercise 6

Summary exercise 7                                                         Summary exercise 8

Summary exercise 9                                                         Summary exercise 10  



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guest (not verified)
engilsh language

This hewill help me on my cxc

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Moya (not verified)
I like these activities,they

I like these activities,they were very useful to me

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Durga P. Adhikari (not verified)

Thanks for these useful contents for summary practice.

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guest (not verified)
good for improvement of

good for improvement of vocabulary

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