CXC English A Summary writing: Interactive practice exercise 1


CXC English A Summary writing: Interactive exercise


Here is an interactive exercise which alows you to practice your summary writing skills. It guides you through finding the main ideas in a passage and putting them together to form a summary.

If you do use this interactive summary writing exercise, please leave a comment and let us know what you think of it. This will help us to decide if more tutorials like this should be added here.


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JL (not verified)
If it had a better quality of

If it had a better quality of the picture, it would be best of best! If helps me a lot.

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suzanne moussoume (not verified)
I think that this practice is

I think that this practice is very very interesting. he taught me lot about founding key point in article that was absolutely great.

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Ginette (not verified)

Very good.

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ithermol (not verified)


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Stellie (not verified)
Summary writing

The site is very helpful

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