How to use CXC CSEC past exam papers to help you study

How to use CXC past exam papers to help you study


Video tutorial: why use CXC CSEC past exam papers to help you study?

Interview with "The Exam Doctor" George Turnbull - British Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation: Ofqual.


Here are step by step instructions on how to use CXC CSEC past paper questions to help you prepare for the real CXC CSEC exams.


1.      Get the CXC CSEC past papers. Label a file folder with the subject name and collect the CXC CSEC past papers in the folder.


2.      Study all the notes and review material you have on the subject, as if you were studying for the exams, only then open the  CXC past paper and start working on it.


3.       Make sure you complete the CXC past paper in the time that is set for the exam. Try and get a quiet place to write the paper. Tell your parents/friends to stay away while you complete it in silence and without disturbance, tell them you want to do it under exam conditions.


4.       DO NOT be tempted to check your books while you are working on the exam paper, if you do not know the answer,  just leave the question and come back to it later (within the exam's set time). If you cannot answer it at all, leave it blank (You now know what areas you need to concentrate your studies on for the real CXC CSEC exam).


video tutorial: how to test yourself while revising

Interview with "The Exam Doctor" George Turnbull - British Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation: Ofqual


5.       Once you have finished the CXC CSEC past paper exam, check it over. Then, using the mark scheme in our CXC English exam guide or CXC math exam guide, give yourself marks for the questions you have answered. Be harsh, don't give yourself a high mark to make yourself feel better, it won't help you in the real exam, as real examiners will be marking it. If you cannot do this yourself, get a study buddy to work with and you can correct each other's mock exam papers.


6.       Find all your mistakes in the CXC past paper exam you did and write out a list of them. Only now, go over your notes and find out where you went wrong and why. Revise the material that you missed or don't know. If you are still unsure, make sure to check with a teacher, as you may very well get a similar question in the exams.


7.        After two/three weeks, do the CXC exam past paper exam again, concentrating on the questions you got wrong the last time. Make sure you can answer those questions now without having to check any textbooks.


8.     Keep the CXC past paper questions you did - with the answers - in the subject file folder. They are now part of your revision material for the real CXC CSEC exam. You can review them repeatedly before the exam to keep the past paper questions and their answers fresh in your mind.


Note well: You should also keep the CXC CSEC past paper answers you got wrong. they are a reminder to you of what you should not do again.


Aarrrgh! You say? Too much work! Why can't I just try 'cramming'? Well, here is what one professional Examiner has to say about 'cramming'...


What about 'cramming' for exams?

 Interview with "The Exam Doctor" George Turnbull - British Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation: Ofqual.


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guest (not verified)
integrated science

I really need help in this subject cause it's very challenging although it looks easy.

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guest (not verified)
Integrated Science

well it is fun doing but at times boring when comes to the long notes and difficult diagrams

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danny (not verified)
integrated science

it is a good subject but stressful at times

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