Week 3 summary


“Sometimes when social history is recorded it is often distorted to suit not its historical truth but present day circumstances.” The workers union has managed to remain true to its founding principles. During the seventies, a period of change, where the learning and working class demanded political and international awareness, the Workers union was born.  The militancy of the youth and working class which manifested these ideals is the foundation of an institute which currently represents sixty companies at prestigious financial institutions. And are now the recognized representatives for workers in the financial sector as well as in research organizations.

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tgittz's summary

Hi againg tgittz

Let me give you a few pointers on writing summaries. You MUST put it in your own words. Think about relating some story or movie to another friend. You would not say it word for word - right? So, it's the same with writing summaries. You tell the story (or in this case passage)in your own words and you give a shorter version. You only tell the important parts so that the real gist of the story is not left out. You do not have to use big, extravagant words. O.K.

Try this and you will see the difference. It is really not all that difficult.

Good Luck


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tgittz week 3 summary

Hi tgittz,

The major problem with this summary that I can see right away is that you use many words directly from the original passage. CXC is very stern about penalizing students who use words from the original passage in their summary. So, on that point alone, I can see that you would have trouble receiving much marks for this summary.

I am sorry but this summary would have a very hard time passing. It would probably receive a grade 4 or 5.

Kathy-ann Daniel-Gittens

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