CXC Exams Do's and Don'ts

CXC Exams Do's and Don'ts

CXC exam officials take questions from students and discuss Do's and Don'ts for sitting the CXC exams



Check YOUR CXC exam registration record and personal exam timetable for the CXC exams May/June 2012.


Check the FINAL exam timetable for the CXC CSEC exams May/June 2012.


Date for the online release of results - CXC CSEC exams May/June 2012. 



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lovergirl (not verified)
H & S

i think that am going to fail cause they dont teach H&S at my school not even evening class

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guest (not verified)
An hour...why so long?

This video clip is very long. Why didn't they break it up into a set of shorter clips?

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